Get your own star o­n the Walk of Fame
We have decided that even though our website is about a star, namely, Ms. Julia Roberts, y’all deserve some exposure as well – as you all are a part of this great community and website.

Therefore we will feature our members o­n a weekly (or monthly) base o­n the JRO front page. You will get a chance to introduce yourself to the other members and who knows, maybe even Julia will pass by and see your featured member profile.

Would you like to be o­n the JRO front page?
So you wanna get your own 15-minutes of fame??? Here at JRO we’ll make it last longer than 15 minutes. Depending o­n the amount of submissions, you will shine o­n the front page for a week or a month. But that’s not all, because we’ll create a special ‘Walk of fame’ area where each featured member will get his or her very own Hollywood star, linked to his or her questionnaire. This way, you will be immortalized o­n the website forever…

What to do to get your star…
To become a JRO featured member, you should answer the list of questions below (questionnaire documents) and forward it to along with a picture of yourself, your name, age, location and email. All submissions will be published, however, we decide which will be published first and at what time, depending o­n the amount of submissions.

In no way will your submission be used or shared with 3rd parties and is solely for publication o­n JRO. By submitting your entry, you also give JRO permission to publish your photo and your answers and data o­n the website.

But that’s not all! Get Julia Roberts a Walk of Fame star…
It has come to our attention that Julia Roberts doesn’t have a Hollywood star o­n the Walk of Fame as of yet. By submitting your questionnaire, you also plead for Julia to receive a Hollywood star. When we have enough submissions, we will contact the appropriate institute and offer them all submissions of people who think Julia deserves this honor. We hope to see you – and Julia – o­n the JRO walk of fame soon….