Top 5 Julia Roberts Movies

Besides being just one of the best incredibly wonderful girls to check out in the movies, Julia Roberts has taken our souls at numerous occasions over the years. Therefore, to enjoy the superstar’s 49th special day, we revisit her greatest movies:

Pretty Woman

How could this certainly not be actually # 1? The film that helped make Julia a superstar. As stated over and over again, Julia possessed excellent chemistry along with her male co-star Richard Gere in this particular ‘fairy tale’ exciting drama.


Pretty Woman is a terrific movie with Julia Roberts. She has played a prostitute with an extensive expertise in automobiles and has likewise been obsessed with dental health. She does clean up nice, and that is quick and easy to notice why Edward (Gere) falls for her. Vivian thus makes him believe and also helps him become the business person that he always wanted to be.

What is so great about Pretty Woman is its staying strong through the years. To this date, if you ask girls what their beloved film is, you will certainly obtain some of these three answers – Dirty Dance, The Notebook, or Pretty Woman.


A high-flying adventure from the magic of Steven Spielberg, Hook stars Robin Williams as a grown-up Peter Pan as well as Dustin Hoffman as the infamous Captain Hook. Joining the fun is Julia Roberts as Tinkerbell, Bob Hoskins as the Buccaneer Smee, as well as Maggie Johnson as Nana Wendy Beloved, that must convince the middle-aged legal professional Peter Excluding that he was the legendary Peter Pan.


And so the adventure starts anew, with Peter off to Neverland to spare his two youngsters coming from Captain Hook. In the process, he finds the miracle of the relationship, and also creative imagination.


Steel Magnolias

Six divas from the cinema: Sally Area, Cart Parton, Shirley MacLaine, Daryl Hannah, Olympia Dukakis and Julia Roberts– come together as friends in this heartwarming and hilarious drama full with lifestyle, passion, and loss in a little Louisiana Parish. At the head of the team is Shelby Eatenton (Julia Roberts), freshly wed as well as happily expectant, although her diabetes might make childbearing life-threatening.


Horrified and also furious at the option of dropping her only daughter, M’Lynn Eatenton (Sally Industry) tries to gather her four closest pals for keeping her company and make her laugh as she combats her deepest anxieties from death to sign up with Shelby in enjoying the miracle of brand new life.

Conspiracy theory

Starring Mel Gibson, this high-profile mystery redid her earlier excellence operating ‘The Pelican Brief,’ through combining Roberts working with Mel Gibson as the two caught up in another fatal federal government conspiracy.

Notting Hill

Is Julia playing the part of a favored Hollywood actress? Very small part for Roberts here in the role of Anna Scott. This movie is genuinely an excellent romantic comedy. Hugh Give’s William Thacker is like his roles in the 1990’s and also this flick merely confirmed how good he was actually back then.


Anna is famous and also beautiful. William is plain and also unsuccessful. The leading charm of this English humor lies in the connection between these two characters, as Anna discovers that the regular William has a kindness as well as decency that she can not find in other men in her everyday life.

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