Name: Silvia
Profile: sanguigna
Age: 36
Location: Comacchio, Italy

  1. What do you do in daily life?
    I’m a painter and illustrator. I love every art’s form so much . My life is my husband, my son and my incredible cats! I teach paiting in a little art school in my town. I’ve a little site where I post some of my art especially fantasy style :
  2. When did you become a Julia Roberts fan and why?
    I’ve met her in her wonderfull films, later on pictures and the internet. My husband likes her so much, he was the first to tell me all about Julia and her films.
  3. What is your favorite Julia Roberts movie?
    Notting Hill
  4. What’s so great about Julia and why?
    I think because she’s a natural icon for women. She’s clear, strong and a perfect model. This is very rare in an actress.
  5. If you could ask Julia one question, what would it be?
    A lot of questions! The first would be if I can meet her.
  6. If you could take Julia’s place for 1 day, what would you do?
    Talk about her hobbies, her real life, what she likes so much.
  7. What movie/genre do you think is best fit for Julia and why?
    I think comedy first, she’s a natural talent for these roles.
  8. Why do you think Julia Roberts deserves a Hollywood Star on the Walk of Fame?
    Because she’s the first, the best…..she must have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!!!
  9. What’s your favorite section on the JRO website?
    The forum is really GREAT, I’ve met so many friends on this website, I like the layout of profiles very much and the incredible collection of Julia Roberts’ photos.
  10. What would you like to see changed/added on