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Happy 49th Birthday to Julia Roberts!


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A Short Review about Money Monster

Money Monster is a 2016 American English-language thriller film which was directed by a well-known director Jodie Foster and the film was written by a group of three members (Jim Kouf, Jamie Linden, and Alan Di Fiore). It stars George Clooney in lead roles and Julia Roberts, Giancarlo Esposito, Caitriona Balfe, and Dominic West.

Money monster is the latest movie of Julia Roberts and she played a major role in this thriller film and this film was initially released in the year 2016 on May 13 by Sony pictures Entertainment.

Role of Julia Roberts in the Money Monster:

money-monsterThe plot of this thriller film is quite different and in this film Julia Roberts appeared as a director in the name of Patty Fenn. She is having the responsibility to help Lee Gates (television financial expert). The plot revolves around Lee gates (George Clooney) and Kyle Bidwell (Jack O’Connell).

Kyle invests his money in IBIS and got angry after he lost his entire savings. Owing to his loss in investments, he tried to prison Lee Gates. At that time Lee gates would make a call to Walt Camby (CEO of IBIS) to resolve the problem happened in the IBIS. Unfortunately, he had gone for a business trip.

There is no way to get relief from Kyle so he planned to ask help to Julia Roberts (Patty Fenn). With the help of Julia Roberts, he tried to cool Kyle. Unexpectedly, Kyle is not satisfied. After some time, Julia Roberts and Money Monster team tried to find the truth.

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Money Monster – A successful film to Julia Roberts:

The film “Money monster” makes her gain the name “the most successful actress in America”.

Running time of this film is around 98 minutes and the soundtrack was composed by Dominic Lewis. Before its release in the United States, it was released in Cannes on May 12, 2016.

Money Monster is such as nice crime story which is full of awesome movements and the cinematography was done by Matthew Libatique.  The makeup of Julia Roberts in this film is quite awesome which gives a great delight to all her fans. We must watch this film at least for Julia Roberts. Her performance in this film is awesome and it is loved by all.

Money Monster – Grossed over $93.3 million:

Money monster is the latest movie of the American Actress “Julia Roberts”. This is also one of the best films that she had in her lifetime. This is the film which makes her to feel happy and to earn more than several dollars. The role of Julia Roberts in the film “Money Monster” is simply superb and she got mixed reviews for her outstanding role in this film. Due to her outstanding performance with other stars in this film, it has grossed over $93.3 million against the estimated budget. Due to this, the whole team of the Money Monster film felt happy.

Reviews about the Money Monster:

This film has crossed over 41 million dollars in North America in opposition to its budget 27 million dollars. Besides, this film got both positive and negative reviews from the reviewers. The average rating of this thriller film is 5.9 out of 10.

And, it also gets a rating of 58% from the Rotten Tomatoes. Totally, this is a nice thriller film to watch in our leisure time. All the casts in the Money monster acted very well. Especially, Julia Roberts gave a stunning performance in this movie. It is a great movie to watch with our family and it got a normal grade of B+.