PEOPLE cover story: ‘Julia: Single and Loving It!” DATE : 02/28/2002
As She Likes ItNew beau Danny Moder may be Mr. Right Now, but Julia Roberts still says ‘I do’ to being happily unmarried. No one does happy better than Julia Roberts. And at the Opium Gardens nightclub in Miami Beach last month, the girl in the jeans and pigtails was downright giddy: giggling, gabbing and generally glowing… [full story] (source:, submitted by Alfred Falco)

“Full Frontal” release delayed DATE : 02/27/2002
Soderbergh’s ‘Full Frontal’ to Open on Thirteen-Year Anniversary of ‘sex, lies, and videotape’ – Miramax Films has slated Steven Soderbergh‘s new film “Full Frontal” to open on August 2, 2002 — some 13 years after his debut, “sex, lies, and videotape,” broke out in theaters and helped change the landscape of independent film… [full story] (source: PR Newswire, submitted by JROnline)

Julia Roberts: I’m No A-list Style Queen DATE : 02/20/2002
Julia Roberts is bemused with her latest honor – as style magazine W’s A-list queen – because she’s really an “utterly average total geek.” Julia was named W’s movie style leader last month and is still coming to terms with the coveted title. She says, “First of all, I sit on the set and knit. It’s a very social hobby, as opposed to reading at work – I can chat to people and still be fully engaged… [full story]
(source: IMDB.COM, submitted by JROnline)

Julia Roberts Back Denzel For Oscar DATE : 02/18/2002
NEW YORK (AP) – Add Julia Roberts to the list of those who want to see Denzel Washington walk away with a best actor Academy Award next month. “He should be on his third Oscar by now, and that might not be enough,” Roberts told Newsweek magazine in its Feb. 25 edition…[full story]
(source: Yahoo! News, submitted by JROnline)

Julia Roberts’ outfit in Erin Brockovich auctioned at film festival DATE : 02/12/2002
The outfit worn by actress Julia Roberts in her Oscar-winning role in Erin Brockovich was auctioned at the International Berlin Film Festival. It fetched 7,000 euros (around £4,300) from a bidder whose name was not immediately released… [full story] (source: Ananova, submitted by JROnline)

FilmFour Julia Roberts season to include exclusive interview DATE : 02/07/2002
FilmFour Julia Roberts season to include exclusive interview
FilmFour will show a season of Julia Roberts films in March. The season will include Flatliners, Notting Hill, Mary Reilly and Everyone Says I Love You. The channel also has an exclusive interview with Roberts, which will be shown on March 16 and 26. In the interview Roberts says earning $20 million a film hasn’t changed her… [full story] (source: Ananova, submitted by JROnline)

Star Picks – Julia Roberts; ‘The Philadelphia Story’ DATE : 02/06/2002
WHY SHE LOVES IT : ”’The Philadelphia Story’ is fabulous — quick, smart, funny, and complicated. You don’t know who you want to be with who. I love when you’re as confused as they are.”…
[full story]
(source: Entertainment Weekly, submitted by JROnline)

Roberts to narrate A&E special on centenarian friends DATE : 02/06/2002
… It’s so unusual that when Howard Storm heard about it he and fellow television producers David Yarnell and Sam Denoff decided to tell the women’s story in a documentary. And when actress Julia Roberts heard about the documentary, she sent word she wanted to be part of it – not that the three women had any clue who she was… [full story] (source: Denver Post, submitted by JROnline)

Julia Roberts Revealed! DATE : 02/06/2002
“She could have anything she wants whenever she wants it, and she’s exactly the kind of person who doesn’t want it,” says fashion guru MERLE GINSBERG about A-list actress JULIA ROBERTS… [full story]
(source: Entertainmaint Tonight, submitted by JROnline)

Roberts, Cruise, Hanks Tie as Most Bankable Stars DATE : 02/05/2002
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – They may not be on anyone’s Oscar list this year, but Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts all tied for the title of Hollywood’s most bankable star in a poll by showbiz paper The Hollywood Reporter.
While those three will likely not be nominated for 2002’s Oscars, Hollywood’s highest film honors given out in March each year, winning a little golden statue can make a big difference to a star’s moviemaking power…[full story]   (source: Yahoo! News, submitted by JROnline)

Julia Roberts set for college comedy with Steve Martin DATE : 02/04/2002
Julia Roberts is to team up with Peter Fonda and Steve Martin in the new campus comedy Smile. Fonda and Martin are understood to be cast as sparring lecturers who both make a play for Roberts….
[full story] (source: Ananova, submitted by JROnline)

Roberts to Attend Academy Awards DATE : 02/02/2002
LOS ANGELES (AP) – The Pretty Woman is returning to the Academy Awards (news – web sites). Julia Roberts plans to make her third appearance as a presenter when she hands out an Oscar prize at this year’s ceremony, the Motion Picture Academy said Friday…[full story]   [ story]
(source: Yahoo! News, submitted by JROnline)

Full Frontal… The clock is ticking DATE : 02/01/2002
The official “Full Frontal“ website is up now, you’ll find it at along with an interview with the camera & director genius Steven Soderbergh. The site is being updated and added to throughout the filming & production, so keep an eye on it… [visit the official site]. Also check out this notable “Full Frontal“ fansite which probably covers all available info on the movie so far.
(source:, submitted by JROnline)

Film fans choose Julia Roberts and Sean Connery DATE : 02/01/2002
Film fans choose Julia Roberts and Sean Connery to star in dream movie. Film fans say their dream movie would have Julia Roberts and Sean Connery in the lead roles. Anthony Hopkins would play a supporting role. And Celine Dion would provide the soundtrack, according to a new poll…
[full story] (source: Ananova, submitted by JROnline)

Julia Roberts in town – briefly DATE : 01/25/2002
The Pretty Woman has arrived, but she’s not here for a long stay. Julia Roberts has been in town since the start of the week working on the film Confessions of a Dangerous Mind and she wraps shooting on Sunday. Her part is a supporting role, as a mysterious international operative… [full story]
(source: Canada Montreal, submitted by JROnline)

Julia Roberts‘ company to make new US TV show DATE : 01/25/2002
Revolution Studios and Julia Roberts’ Shoelace Prods. are taking their first plunge into TV production with a court-based dramedy pilot for CBS and Regency Television. “Queens Supreme” is set in a Queens, N.Y., courthouse and will offer a behind-the-scenes look at the work of the judges at the highest trial court in New York. Kevin Fox (“The Negotiator”) is writing the pilot and executive producing with Roberts’ producing partner Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas and Dan Thomas…[full story]
(source: Yahoo! News, submitted by JROnline)

Spielberg, Julia Skip Hollywood Bash DATE : 01/21/2002
At the very hip Italian restaurant in Santa Monica called Giorgio, A-list stars chowed down with abandon last night — evidently uninvited or uninterested in the big party thrown in town by Phoenix Pictures’ Mike Medavoy… [full story] (source: Fox News, submitted by JROnline)

Eric Roberts: “My Sister Can’t Act” DATE : 01/18/2002
Julia Roberts’ brother Eric Roberts has lashed out at his little sister for failing to support him in his times of need. The 46-year-old actor has slipped from the limelight in recent years, despite earning an Oscar-nomination for Runaway Train in 1985. But he says Julia – who made one of her first movie appearances in Eric’s 1988 starring vehicle Blood Red – has been of no help to him in recent years… [full story]
(source: IMDB.COM, submitted by JROnline)

Julia among the sexiest 25! DATE : 01/17/2002
Julia Roberts ranked #15 on E!Online’s Top 25 sexiest women in Entertainment…visit the E!Online site for a full listing and broadcast times. [full story] (source: Yahoo! News, submitted by JROnline)

I Like Trouble DATE : 01/16/2002
I Like Trouble The latest project to pop up on Philip Kaufman’s North Beach radar screen is a thriller starring Julia Roberts as an investigative reporter tracking a killer through the Internet. Given the actress’ status as queen of the Hollywood hill (anthill? molehill?) and Sony’s hankering to have a Roberts vehicle in theaters next Christmas, Perfect Stranger is a solid bet to go before the cameras this year. Sopranos ace Frank Renzulli is speedily rewriting the screenplay; the film will be shot — and set — in San Francisco. “We want to stay close to here, with all the [post-9/11] stuff going on,” reports Peter Kaufman, the director’s son and longtime producer. Somebody oughta tip off Cole Valley homeowner Benjamin Bratt… [full story]
(source: SF Weekly, submitted by JROnline I need sleep!)

Julia Roberts dress to be auctioned at Berlin fest DATE : 01/15/2002
BERLIN: A dress American actress Julia Roberts wore in the film Erin Brockovich is to be auctioned off at a gala to raise money for UNICEF during the Berlin film festival next month, organisers said… [full story]
(source: Times of India, submitted by JROnline)

Julia Reveals Her Oscar Pick for Best Actress of 2001 DATE : 01/15/2002
Last year’s Best Actress Oscar® winner for her role in “Erin Brockovich” has chimed in with her vote for the Best Actress of this year. Julia Roberts revealed her choice backstage at the People’s Choice Awards on Sunday… [full story] (source:, submitted by JROnline)

Julia wins “favorite motion picture actress award” DATE : 01/14/2002
Tom Hanks was a double winner Sunday, as he snagged favorite actor in both the motion picture and dramatic motion picture categories during the 28th annual People’s Choice Awards. Hanks beat out fellow double nominee Denzel Washington for the honors, as well as Mel Gibson and Anthony Hopkins, each a single nominee in one of the categories.
Julia Roberts took home the favorite motion picture actress award – her eighth in the category… [full story] (source: Yahoo! News, submitted by JROnline)

First Look at Soderbergh’s ‘Full Frontal’ DATE : 01/13/2002
First photos from the filming of Steven Soderbergh’s ‘Full Frontal’. [view photos]
(source: IMDB.COM, submitted by JROnline)

Fashion’s Weakest Links DATE : 01/09/2002
…On the positive side of his fashion spectrum, Blackwell names actress Julia Roberts as the winner of his “Fabulous Fashion Independents for 2001,” followed by TV talk show host Oprah Winfrey and TV journalist Diane Sawyer. [full story] (source:, submitted by JROnline)

Julia Roberts Autograph in NBC Today Show Green Room Book DATE : 01/09/2002
The NBC Today Show is currently auctioning off its Green Room Book from 2001. The Green Room Book is a collection of signatures, notes, doodles and (occasionally) lip prints from actors, singers, politicians and other newsmakers who passed through Today Show studios. Julia Roberts and over 500 other guests have signed the third annual edition of the book. The auction is being conducted through eBay and ends on Jan. 12; the Green Room Book is eBay item #1403668600.

America’s Second Harvest is the charity organization NBC selected to benefit from auction proceeds. For more information on the auction visit For more information on America’s Second Harvest, visit
(source:, submitted by Stephany Filimon)

Julia leads Blackwell’s ‘Fabulous Fashion Independents for 2001’ DATE : 01/08/2002
Anne Robinson is, according to Mr. Blackwell, who put the “Weakest Link” host at the top of his worst-dressed women list for 2001… [full story] (source: Yahoo! News, submitted by JROnline)

Vote for Julia… DATE : 01/03/2002
Vote for Julia to become the Entertainer of the year! click here to vote (source: n/a , submitted by JROnline)

Julia may have to present ex-boyfriend with Oscar DATE : 01/03/2002
Julia Roberts could find herself presenting her ex-boyfriend Benjamin Bratt with an Oscar. He has been tipped as a contender for the Best Actor title for his new movie Pinero…
[full story] (source: Ananova, submitted by JROnline)

The power of Hollywood in 2001 DATE : 12/31/2001
Major Hollywood stars are not generally known for their perspective, their modesty, or their self-deprecating wisdom, but Julia Roberts displayed something like all three in a recent TV appearance…[full story] (source: The Jerusalem Post, submitted by JROnline)

And the WINNERS are… DATE : 12/20/2001
The winners of the “Ocean’s 11” giveaway contest are (in no particular order): Amanda Marlin, BJ Schipper, Julie Rodriguez, Craig Pulliam & Amaris Whitehurst. All have been contacted and will receive an “Ocean’s 11” poster. This giveaway has been made available by Warner Bros. Records. Thanks to all for taking part in this little contest – in case you didn’t win, you can always try your chances on the Official Ocean’s 11 soundtrack site, where you can enter for more O’11 goodies! (source: n/a , submitted by JROnline)

Golden Globe Awards Choose Nominees DATE : 12/20/2001
BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) – With no clear front-runners surfacing for next year’s Academy Awards (news – web sites), film buffs may be paying more attention than usual to one of the most reliable predictors of Oscar success: the Golden Globes. Nominees in 13 movie and 11 television categories for the 59th annual Golden Globes were scheduled to be announced Thursday by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association…
[full story] (source: Yahoo! News, submitted by JROnline)

Julia and Our Fave Non-Working Stars! DATE : 12/19/2001
That Julia Roberts – boy, is she hot. Won the Oscar. Helped Ocean’s Eleven open number 1 a couple weeks ago … [full story] (source: Yahoo! News, submitted by JROnline)

Julia Roberts Most Popular Movie Star DATE : 12/19/2001
Julia Roberts Most Popular Movie Star, Says the Harris Poll; First Time in Series (Since 1993) That a Woman has Topped the List – Every year at this time since 1993 we ask a cross section of adults to tell Harris Interactive who their favorite movie star is. This year, for the first time, a female star, Julia Roberts tops the list. She is followed by Tom Hanks, who moves up from number six last year, and Harrison Ford…
[full story] (source: Yahoo! News, submitted by JROnline)

Ocean’s 11 nominated for Critics Choice Awards DATE : 12/19/2001
Winners will be announced at an awards ceremony Jan. 11.
LOS ANGELES (The Hollywood Reporter) — Year-end movie awards nominations continued to proliferate Tuesday as the Broadcast Film Critics Assn. announced its nominations for the seventh annual Critics Choice Awards, with Universal Pictures/DreamWorks’ five nominations for “A Beautiful Mind” leading the list…
[full story] (source: Yahoo! News, submitted by JROnline)

The Sea Changes Below Ocean’s 11 DATE : 12/16/2001
The holidays are here, and we all should count our blessings. I’m thanking my lucky stars it isn’t 1960. Why? I’ve just seen the remake of the 1960 movie Ocean’s 11 by Steven Soderbergh, one of my favorite directors. It’s already a hit, grossing an estimated $39.3 million in its first three days, a record for a December release and enough to push Harry Potter out of the No.1 spot as top grossing picture of the weekend…
[full story] (source: Yahoo! News, submitted by JROnline)

Top 20 Entertainers of 2001 DATE : 12/13/2001
Julia was ranked 4th in E!’s ‘Top 20 Entertainers of 2001’ list. [full story] E! will rerun this show later in december, visit their site for the Top20 rundown, photos and schedule of the shows.
(source: Yahoo! News, submitted by JROnline)

Julia Roberts to Host ‘Old Friends’ DATE : 12/13/2001
LOS ANGELES (AP) – “Ocean’s Eleven” star Julia Roberts is concentrating on friendships. Roberts will be the host of the A&E documentary “Old Friends,” which examines the enduring nature of friendships. It’s scheduled for broadcast next year… [full story] (source: Yahoo! News, submitted by JROnline)

Roberts and Bratt together again? DATE : 12/13/2001
Oscars could throw exes together – Julia Roberts and her ex, Benjamin Bratt, could be heading for a rather tense reunion, if American movie insiders are right… [full story]
(source: People News, submitted by JROnline)

Tales from Turkey and New York DATE : 12/11/2001
“Ocean’s Eleven” producer Jerry Weintraub is also back in town, returning Monday night after the star-studded cast winged to Turkey to premiere the picture for our troops stationed at a giant airbase there. They followed with a stop in London for press, then on to Rome and N.Y. After that, George Clooney headed to Canada to direct “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind,” in which his “Elevens” costar Julia Roberts will cameo… [full story] (source: Yahoo! News, submitted by JROnline)

Julia Roberts Never Saw Original Ocean’s Eleven DATE : 12/10/2001
Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts has never seen the original Ocean’s Eleven movie – despite starring in its highly-anticipated remake… [full story]
(source: IMDB.COM, submitted by JROnline)

UPDATE 2-”Ocean’s Eleven” hits $39 mil jackpot DATE : 12/10/2001
HOLLYWOOD (Variety) – Warner Bros.’ casino-heist laffer “Ocean’s Eleven” hit the box office jackpot this weekend and hauled off an estimated $39.3 million, the biggest three-day December bow ever…. [full story] (source: Yahoo! News, submitted by JROnline)

Ocean’s Eleven’ No. 1 at Box Office DATE : 12/10/2001
LOS ANGELES (AP) – Slick Las Vegas crooks swiped Harry Potter (news – web sites)’s crown this week as a wave of big box office swept “Ocean’s Eleven” into the top spot… [full story]
(source: Yahoo! News, submitted by JROnline)

PartyHopper : the première of ocean’s eleven DATE : 12/10/2001
…and InStyle was there! Check out this report on the premiere and party. [report & photos].
Also check out their special on Julia Roberts called ‘transformations’, which covers her different looks throughout the years. [Transformations : Julia Roberts]
(source:, submitted by JROnline)

“Jules” rules E! ratings DATE : 12/09/2001
The two-parter, featuring segments on “Ocean’s Eleven” stars George Clooney and Julia Roberts averaged 707,000 households from 8-10 p.m. on Wednesday… [full story]
(source: Lycos News, submitted by JROnline)

“Ocean’s Eleven” Interview Video DATE : 12/09/2001
One thing the stellar cast from Ocean’s Eleven agrees on is that they had a lot of fun on the set of this new action comedy. George Clooney says they liked the movie so much that they took serious pay cuts to make it. Julia Roberts, the token woman, didn’t feel like one at all… [full story]
(source:, submitted by JROnline)

‘Ocean’s Eleven’ is In and ‘Harry Potter’ is Out DATE : 12/08/2001
HOLLYWOOD ( – The magic power of “Harry Potter” has finally met its match in the star power of the Rat Pack remake “Ocean’s Eleven.”… [full story]
(source: Zap2It.Com, from Brandon,

‘Ocean’s Eleven’ Stars Visit Troops DATE : 12/07/2001
ANKARA, Turkey (AP) – George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon, stars of the new film “Ocean’s Eleven,” signed autographs, chatted and posed with American troops at a top security military base on Friday. Julia Roberts and Andy Garcia, who also star in the film, also made the trip to the Incirlik air base in southern Turkey… [full story] (source: Yahoo! News, submitted by JROnline)

‘Ocean’s’ Puts on the Starpower DATE : 12/07/2001
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Several of Hollywood’s coolest and hottest stars — George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon — look to break the spell that “Harry Potter (news – web sites)” has cast over U.S. box offices with crime caper “Ocean’s Eleven,” the only major movie debut this weekend…
[full story] (source: Yahoo! News, submitted by JROnline)

“Ocean’s 11” World Premiere DATE : 12/05/2001
Tonight’s “Ocean’s 11” World premiere will be broadcasted online from the official O11 site. The site enables the fans to ask questions by e-mail to their favorite star. The red carpet premiere begins at 6:30 pm PT/9:30 pm ET [O11 Premiere/webcast site] (source: Ananova, submitted by JROnline)

‘Ocean’s 11’ Has Got the Goods DATE : 12/05/2001
Forget every other heist movie that came out this year – and there was a vault full of them. “Ocean’s Eleven” is the one with the goods…[full story] (source: Yahoo! News, submitted by JROnline)

Julia named most powerful actress DATE : 12/04/2001
Julia Roberts has been named Hollywood’s most powerful actress and its third most powerful woman. The Erin Brockovich star comes far ahead of her nearest competitor, Oprah Winfrey. The Hollywood Reporter annually lists the film industry’s 100 most powerful women. The two are the only high-profile names to make it on to the top 25 – the rest are studio bosses and other Hollywood insiders…
[full story] (source: Ananova, submitted by JROnline)

Roberts, Madonna make Reporter power list DATE : 12/04/2001
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – What do “Pretty Woman” Julia Roberts and “The Material Girl” Madonna (news – web sites) have in common besides wealth, fame and beauty? [full story] (source: Yahoo! News, submitted by JROnline)

Soderbergh Renames Film After Attacks DATE : 12/04/2001
LOS ANGELES (AP) – After the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, Steven Soderbergh no longer had the stomach for the tentative title of his next film. [full story] (source: Yahoo! News, submitted by JROnline)

E! Julia Roberts – Revealed DATE : 12/03/2001
E! has a great special online of the Ocean’s 11 stars, amongst which of course our Julia Roberts. On December 5th at 9 pm PT a special on Julia Roberts will be aired on the ‘Revealed’ show with E!’s finest, Jules Asner. [visit E! site] (source: E!Online, submitted by JROnline)

Julia Roberts: I’m Just a Girl
DATE : 12/03/2001
As the lady torn between George Clooney and Andy Garcia in Ocean’s 11 — and essentially the only gal with a speaking part in the film — Julia Roberts enjoyed quite an ego boost. “It was nice to be the only girl,” she says. “I thought it would be a more kind of queenly experience, like something that never happened to me in high school. But it wasn’t really that — it was more like high school!… [full story] (source: TV Guide, submitted by JROnline)

Everybody’s talkin’
DATE : 12/03/2001
Ocean’s Eleven gabfest casts wide net – HOLLYWOOD — The movie business isn’t a democracy, but money is the great equalizer. So it was that when the eight-figure paycheques of Steven Soderbergh’s Ocean’s Eleven turned out to promote their turn in the remake of the famed Rat Pack casino-heist
movie, it was press conferences all around (even for Barbara Walters, who recorded a gang-interview special)… [full story] (source: Jam! Showbiz, submitted by JROnline)

E! will give “Eleven” an ocean of publicity DATE : 12/03/2001
…“Ocean’s Eleven” lends itself to the full 20-hour coverage (7-11 p.m., Monday through Friday) because it has four major stars, three of whom (George Clooney, Julia Roberts and Matt Damon) will get full-hour separate interviews with Jules Asner on the kickoff of the interview series “Revealed.”… [full story] (source: Yahoo! News, submitted by JROnline)

No Date, but a Good Story DATE : 12/02/2001
…he truly met his Everest on the day he was browsing at a magazine store in downtown Manhattan and the actress Julia Roberts stopped by. Mr. Polatsch said hi, then asked her out “for dinner or a cup of coffee,” recalled his mother, Linda… [full story] (source: New York Times, submitted by JROnline)

‘Sandler angling for “Anger Management”’ DATE : 11/30/2001
He has been keeping a close eye on “Fifty First Kisses,” a romantic comedy about a man who falls in love with a woman whose short-term memory disorder means he has to make her fall in love with him all over again, every day. Sandler and Julia Roberts could work together on that film, which is based at Sony’s Columbia and will be directed by Jay Roach. Roach, however, is busy directing “Austin Powers in Goldmember,” which must be ready for a summer 2002 release… [full story] (source: Yahoo! News, submitted by JROnline)

‘Roberts Claims Clooney Can’t Kiss’ DATE : 11/29/2001
Julia Roberts had to instruct George Clooney in kissing during the making of their new film. The leading lady plays Clooney’s long suffering wife in upcoming Ocean’s Eleven…
[full story] (source: IMDB.COM, submitted by JROnline)

‘Newell Mulls ‘Jury,’ ‘Mona Lisa” DATE : 11/29/2001
NEW YORK (Variety) – If all goes as planned, Mike Newell (”Four Weddings and a Funeral”) will direct two of the country’s top actors in back-to-back pictures. He’s in discussions to take the helm of “The Runaway Jury,” based on the John Grisham legal thriller, which Will Smith may star in; and he is also in advanced negotiations to shoot Julia Roberts in “Mona Lisa’s Smile.”… [full story] (source: Yahoo! News, submitted by JROnline)

Behold, the People’s Choice! DATE : 11/27/2001
Julia Roberts was nominated for ‘Favorite Motion Picture Actress’ – The fans have spoken — and everybody still loves RAYMOND, HANKS, ROBERTS, and LOPEZ! Nominations for the 28th Annual People’s Choice Awards were announced this morning, and we’ve got the all the favorites from TV, movies, and music! [full story]
(source:, submitted by JROnline)

For Julia Roberts, it’s all about the tree. Julia Roberts began her holiday tradition, “decorating the ribbon tree,” when she moved to Los Angeles in the ’80s. She only had a naked fir tree, “but it looked pretty and it smelled nice and I said to everybody, ‘If you’re going to bring presents, they have to have a ribbon on them,'”
… [full story]
(source: People Magazine, submitted by JROnline)

‘People Choose…”Bob Patterson”?!?’ DATE : 11/27/2001
Per tradition, this year’s populist awards fest features another head-scratching round of perennial favorites in the world of TV, music and movies. A nationwide Gallup poll once again picked Julia Roberts, Everybody Loves Raymond (news – Y! TV), Friends and Britney Spears as some of America’s faves… [full story]
(source: Yahoo! News, submitted by JROnline)

‘George Clooney’s Not-So-Deep `Ocean” DATE : 11/26/2001
“George lost 25 hands in a row, which I think is a Vegas record,” Julia Roberts says, laughing. “George not only lost all of his money, but most of the money that Matt Damon brought to town.” … [full story]
(source: EntertainmentNewsDaily, submitted by JROnline)

‘Celebrities dish on Thanksgiving’ DATE : 11/22/2001
It’s time to talk turkey. We asked some famous faces: What’s your favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner? Julia Roberts: “I hate to say this, but my favorite part is everything. I’m a turkey-gravy-cranberries-stuffing-you-name-it girl.”
[full story] (source: Chicago Sun Times, submitted by JROnline)

‘Roberts And Gwyneth Copy Each Other’ DATE : 11/21/2001
Movie stars Julia Roberts and Gwyneth Paltrow looked like identical twins when they turned up at a concert recently. The Hollywood beauties both sported scraped back blonde hairstyles, near-identical smiles and matching black jumpers… [full story]
(source: IMDB.COM, submitted by JROnline)

‘Julia’s Stressful Time With The Boys’ DATE : 11/21/2001
Working with a team of bad boys for her latest movie Ocean’s Eleven was a stressful experience for Julia Roberts – because they would never leave her alone. Julia was the only female in an all-star male cast of George Clooney, Matt Damon, Don Cheadle and Andy Garcia for the remake of the classic movie… [full story]
(source: IMDB.COM, submitted by JROnline)

Messages from Home DATE : 11/21/2001
Holidays can be a tough time for families and loved ones serving overseas. While the brave men and women of the U.S. military defend our country, JULIA ROBERTS, TOM HANKS and other top Hollywood stars have teamed up with ET to deliver enthusiastic words of encouragement! [full story] (source:, submitted by JROnline)

Tonight on TV DATE : 11/20/2001
Tonight Julia Roberts will be on tv in an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight (showtimes) and also in the Late Show with David Letterman (11:30pm ET/PT).
(source: & The Late Show – CBS.COM , submitted by JROnline)

Julia’s Revealing Interview DATE : 11/20/2001
Does JULIA ROBERTS have a secret love interest? Find out what got America’s sweetheart blushing — as she sat down with BOB GOEN for an intimate conversation about ‘Ocean’s 11,’ GEORGE CLOONEY, cell phones … and dating!
[read interview] (includes video recording) (source:, submitted by JROnline)

Ocean’s 11 Auction DATE : 11/20/2001
On November 23rd, Warner Bros. will start an auction of costumes and memorabilia from the Ocean’s 11 movie. Visit the WB Auction site for more info at (source: Warner Bros., submitted by JROnline)

‘2nd namechange for movie’ DATE : 11/20/2001
Again, the title of Miramax’s low-budget film “The Art of Negotiating a Turn” has changed. It is now confirmed that the movie will carry the title “Full Frontal”. Earlier this fall, the title was already changed from “How to Survive a Hotel Room Fire” to “The Art of Negotiating a Turn”, because of the tragic happenings of 9/11. The production of this movie began on November 6th in Los Angeles. Supposedly the movie will be shot in 18 days only.
[related article] (source:, submitted by JROnline)

‘”Ocean’s Eleven” stars talk Turkey’ DATE : 11/19/2001
HOLLYWOOD (Variety) – Once again, it’s time for that Jack L. Warner motto to come to the fore. It’s Combining Good Citizenship With Good Motion Picture Making. On Dec. 6, the stars of “Ocean’s Eleven” will board a giant jet bound for a U.S. military base “somewhere in Turkey. Producer Jerry Weintraub says, “It’s a gift to the troops.”
[full story] (source: Yahoo! News, submitted by JROnline)

Patriotic Pretty Woman! DATE : 11/19/2001
JULIA ROBERTS is one busy girl! In between appearing on the “America: A Tribute to Heroes” telethon, and donating hefty sums of her own money to the September 11th Fund, Hollywood’s highest-paid actress recently made time to support America’s troops stationed abroad… [full story] (source:, submitted by Grace)

‘Barbara Walters Special’ DATE : 11/16/2001
Interview With Ocean’s Eleven Stars – Forty-one years after the Rat Pack made their first feature film, Ocean’s Eleven, some of Hollywood’s biggest stars are stepping into the shoes of the legendary clan — Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop.. [full story] (source: ABC NEWS, submitted by JROnline)

Roberts feels pretty much at home here DATE : 11/14/2001
J ulia Roberts, who recently told me, ”I’ve got to find a way to get back to Chicago to work again,” has found it–though only for a short while. [full story] (source: Chicago Sun Times, submitted by JROnline)

‘Michael to Direct Movie’ DATE : 11/14/2001
Jackson will co-direct a new movie called Home of the Angels with his friend Bryan Michael Stoller. Shooting is scheduled to begin next May in Stoller’s native Canada. The duo hopes to use Jackson’s connections to attract big-name actors for the project, which is based on a true story. “We feel we can get people like the Nicolas Cages and the Julia Roberts,” Stoller says… [full story] (source: Yahoo! News, submitted by JROnline)

‘Kaufman is “Perfect” for picture’ DATE : 11/14/2001
NEW YORK (Variety) – Philip Kaufman (“Quills”) is attached to develop and direct “Perfect Stranger,” a thriller earmarked for Julia Roberts to star in.
[full story] (source: Yahoo! News, submitted by JROnline)

‘”Tribute to Heroes” CD/DVD/VHS’ DATE : 11/08/2001
After months in the works, organizers announced Tuesday that the star-studded America: A Tribute to Heroes would be released as a double-disc CD, DVD and videocassette.
[full story] (source: Yahoo! News, submitted by JROnline)

‘Newman climbs back into ring for benefit’ DATE : 11/08/2001
NEW YORK (Variety) – Paul Newman is returning to the 1956 TV role that led to his first successful film gig as fighter Rocky Graziano in “Somebody Up There Likes Me.” Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, Joanne Woodward and others will join Newman on stage in a new concert version of the teleplay. [full story] (source: Yahoo! News, submitted by JROnline)

What Julia Said to George DATE : 11/06/2001
A significant portion of the total charm left in Hollywood joined the editors of Esqure for lunch, after which they left them (Julia & George) alone with the tape recorder on. Visit the Esquire site for the full story. (source:, submitted by JROnline)

Celeb buzz‘ DATE : 11/06/2001
The new Guinness Book of World Records says Julia Roberts is the highest paid actress for a single film. She got $20 million for Erin Brockovich, but she took something closer to scale for the upcoming Ocean’s Eleven. I guess we are in a recession… [full story] (source: – FoxLife, submitted by JROnline)

‘Julia Roberts’s Pot Revelations’ DATE : 11/05/2001
America’s sweetheart Julia Roberts has shocked Hollywood with the admission she has smoked cannabis. The smiling stunner, 33, confessed all to her Ocean’s Eleven co- star George Clooney during an interview for an American magazine Saturday… [full story] (source: IMDB.COM, submitted by JROnline)

Julia’s schedule runneth over‘ DATE : 11/02/2001
Smyrna High School grad Julia Roberts’ handheld computer is plenty cluttered these days. She’s just weeks away from working publicity for the holiday-timed remake of 1960s Frank Sinatra casino caper “Ocean’s Eleven” with co-star George Clooney…
[read the full story] (source: The Atlanta Journal, submitted by JROnline)

Celebs and Terror Victim Charity Efforts‘ DATE : 11/01/2001
Well, the Red Cross is announcing they will take no more donations for the grieving families of the terror attacks, saying they have enough money. But, as The Factor has reported, much of the donated money will not go to help the grieving families. So what do the stars who helped raise much of that money think about the controversy? …
[read the full story] (source:, submitted by JROnline)

‘Roberts May Make Up ‘Mind’ with Clooney’ DATE : 10/31/2001
NEW YORK (Variety) – Fresh from their pairing in “Ocean’s Eleven,” Julia Roberts is negotiating to rejoin George Clooney in “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind,” Clooney’s directorial debut. Roberts would star with Sam Rockwell, Drew Barrymore and Clooney in the Miramax comedy… [full story] (source: Yahoo! News, submitted by JROnline)

‘Julia Toys with George’s “Confessions”‘ DATE : 10/31/2001
Tracy and Hepburn. Burton and Taylor. Kidman and Cruise. Clooney and Roberts?! At the rate they’re hooking up on the big screen, you’d think Julia Roberts and George Clooney were a real-life Hollywood couple… [full story]
(source: Yahoo! News, submitted by JROnline)

‘Roberts smiling on “Mona Lisa”’ DATE : 10/24/2001
NEW YORK (Variety) – Julia Roberts will star in “Mona Lisa Smile,” which will begin filming next spring in an unspecified East Coast city. [full story]
Related articles: Roberts smiles for ‘Mona Lisa’ at Revolution

(source: Yahoo! News, submitted by JROnline)

Ocean’s Wallpapers : Julia Roberts DATE : 10/16/2001
Grab your copy now. As always, Julia looks stunning. [O11 wallpaper section]
(source: Warner Bros., submitted by JROnline)

‘Coens, Clooney eye “Intolerable” picture’ DATE : 10/04/2001
As Clooney closes in, speculation is rife that the studio will attempt to land Julia Roberts to join him. Clooney and Roberts just completed “Ocean’s Eleven” for Steven Soderbergh.
[full story] (source: Yahoo! News, submitted by JROnline)

Ocean’s 11 Update DATE : 10/11/2001
The HTML version of the “Ocean’s 11” (movie release Dec 7 2001) official site from Warner Bros. is now up. You’ll find a synopsis, photos, screensaver and other goodies. The Flash-version of the site is planned for 26th October. [visit site]
(source: Warner Bros., submitted by JROnline)

‘Soderbergh Changes Ocean’s Eleven’ DATE : 10/10/2001
Oscar-winner Steven Soderbergh has changed scenes of his next blockbuster Ocean’s Eleven in wake of the American atrocities in New York. The Atlanta-born director has reshot a sequence involving an explosion in the New York, New York hotel and casino in Las Vegas which features a replica of the World trade Center which was destroyed in the September attacks… [full story] (source: IMDB.COM, submitted by JROnline)

Ocean’s 11 trailer posted on the internet DATE : 10/05/2001
The first trailer for Ocean’s 11 has been posted on the internet. The film stars George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Andy Garcia, Elliott Gould and Julia Roberts. It has been directed by Stephen Soderbergh. The trailer opens with Clooney’s character, Danny Ocean, facing a parole board. It then moves to Las Vegas, where most of the film’s action takes place… [full story] [View TRAILER] (source: Ananova, submitted by JROnline)

‘Brad Rowe to join the crew…’ DATE : 10/04/2001
… Brad Rowe, who appears in the NBC midseasoner “Leap of Faith,” has booked a gig in Steven Soderbergh’s “How to Survive a Hotel Room Fire” (working title). The project, which stars Julia Roberts and Catherine Keener, is slated to shoot in November in L.A. Rowe’s credits include “Body Shots” and NBC miniseries “The ’70s.” He stars in Shane Edelman’s “According to Spencer,” which is set for November’s AFI Film Festival…
[full story] (source: Yahoo! News, submitted by JROnline)

New Stephen Soderbergh film gets a name change DATE : 10/03/2001
Stephen Soderbergh’s new film is reported to have had its named changed following the US terror attacks. How To Survive A Hotel Room Fire has been re-titled The Art Of Negotiating A Turn. The film is expected to star Julia Roberts, Catherine Keener, David Hyde Pierce and David Duchovny. According to the new title refers to driving and is a metaphor for love and relationships… [full story] (source: Ananova, submitted by JROnline)

‘Catherine And Julia Felt Like Sisters’ DATE : 10/02/2001
Catherine Zeta-Jones got on so well with her America’s Sweethearts co-star Julia Roberts that it felt like they were sisters. Both actresses deny that they squabbled on set over Julia being cast as the frumpy sister, Kiki, in the film…
[full story] (source: IMDB.COM, submitted by JROnline)

‘Jackie Collins Claws Julia Roberts’ DATE : 09/28/2001
Best selling novelist Jackie Collins has made the mistake of slamming Hollywood’s sweetheart Julia Roberts. The glamorous writer told an Australian newspaper that she believes the Oscar winner jumps from one relationship to the next without a second thought… [full story] (source: IMDB.COM, submitted by JROnline)

DATE : 09/26/2001
Who will be requested back to ‘Inside the Actors Studio’? It could be Julia Roberts! It’s up to the fans now – lets play game. Visit and vote for Julia now, who knows, maybe we’ll see her ‘back’ on screen on October 14th… [full story]
(source: Bravo TV / Press Release, submitted by MKPR.COM, L. Schmerl)

‘Crisis ‘Tribute’ raises $150 mil’ DATE : 09/25/2001
LOS ANGELES (The Hollywood Reporter) — The official tally is in. “America: A Tribute to Heroes,” the star-studded two-hour special Friday night, has raised more than $150 million in pledges for a fund to aid victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington… [full story] (source: Yahoo! News, submitted by JROnline)

‘Stars Pay Tribute to Attack Victims’ DATE : 09/22/2001
…Roberts saluted people who saved lives at the Pentagon (news – web sites), which also was struck by a hijacked jetliner. “Life is so precious. Please, please, let’s love one another,” the actress said. “Reach out to each other. Be kind to each other. Peace be with you. God is great.” [full story] (source: Yahoo! News, submitted by JROnline)

‘Julia Roberts Gives $2 Million to Attack Victims’ DATE : 09/21/2001
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts donated $2 million on Friday to aid victims and survivors of the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon (news – web sites) that left more than 6,500 people dead or missing, her publicist said. “Like all Americans, Julia was profoundly affected by this horrific tragedy,” publicist Marcy Engelman said. “She sends her deepest sympathies and prayers to everyone who has suffered such an unspeakable loss.”[full story] (source: Yahoo! News, submitted by JROnline)

‘Archerd: Stars redouble charity efforts’ DATE : 09/20/2001
On Nov. 19 at Avery Fisher Hall in N.Y., Newman, Joanne Woodward, Matt Damon, Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, Robert De Niro, Alec Baldwin, Kevin Kline, Brian Dennehy and Morgan Freeman, among others, will perform in A.E. Hotchner’s staged concert version of “The World of Nick Adams” based on Ernest Hemingway’s characters (which became the 1957 play, then the 1962 film “The Adventures of a Young Man”). Leon Slatkin will conduct the St. Luke’s orchestra in the show produced by Hotchner, directed by Frank Corsaro…
[full story] (source: Yahoo! News, submitted by JROnline)

‘Cruise, Diaz, Roberts Poised for Telethon’ DATE : 09/19/2001
HOLLYWOOD (Variety) – Celebs including Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts and Will Smith have been added to the roster of talent expected to appear on the unprecedented TV telethon “America: A Tribute to Heroes” this Friday… [full story]
(source: ABC News, submitted by JROnline)

‘Miramax reaches agreement with Soderbergh’ DATE : 09/17/2001
Miramax Films has reached an agreement with Steven Soderbergh for Miramax to distribute “How to Survive a Hotel Room Fire,” the Academy Award winning director’s next project… [full story]    Planned release date 03/08/2002
(source: MIRAMAX &, submitted by JROnline)

Ocean’s 11 Official Site DATE : 09/17/2001
The “Ocean’s 11” (movie release Dec 7 2001) official site from Warner Bros. is up. [visit site] Also visit which for now seems to be the most extended source of information, along with
(source: Warner Bros., submitted by JROnline)

‘Star trio eyeing ‘Hotel’ register for Soderbergh’ DATE : 09/10/2001
LOS ANGELES (The Hollywood Reporter) — Blair Underwood, Mary McCormack and David Duchovny are close to joining Julia Roberts and Catherine Keener in Steven Soderbergh’s “How to Survive a Hotel Room Fire” for Miramax Films. The closely guarded project is set to shoot in Los Angeles for three weeks in November on digital video and film…
[full story] (source: Yahoo! News, submitted by JROnline)

‘Julia – The Best Dressed! ‘ DATE : 09/07/2001
Julia Roberts was called ‘The Best’ dressed by the Who Weekly magazine. Also the People Magazine released a ‘Best & Worst dressed 2001’ issue/special with nothing but the best about our favorite star Julia. (note: Among some other stars, there is a photo of Julia on the cover of this months People Magazine’s issue – in stores Sept 17th 2001.)
[full story] (source: The Age,, Yahoo!News, submitted by JROnline)

‘What Celebrity Would You Clone? ‘ DATE : 09/05/2001
Blockbuster Asks … What Celebrity Would You Clone? DALLAS, Sept. 5 /PRNewswire/ — As politicians debate the ethics of human cloning, Blockbuster decided to find out how Americans would use this new technology. The answer: one order of Brad Pitt with Jennifer Lopez on the side. (Julia Roberts ranked #6)
[full story] (source:, submitted by JROnline)

‘With big stars in its lineup…’ DATE : 09/05/2001
WHAT ARE THEY putting in the water coolers at Miramax? Megamovie vita- mins? The now-not- so-little-company- that-could has become the big-deal-that-does! I have two juicy insider bits that I don’t think any corporate types have yet funneled out to Variety. First, Julia Roberts will indeed make that movie in which she reunites with her beloved Erin Brockovich director, Steven Soderbergh. Everybody knew they would get back together eventually, but it’s a done deal… [full story] (source:, submitted by JROnline)

…Actress Julia Roberts was voted Best Smiler, followed by Zeta Jones and former EastEnder turned musical star Martine McCutcheon.
Roberts, whose love life has been turbulent recently, also took third place in the Best Looking Category.
[full story] (source: Belfast Telegraph, submitted by JROnline)

‘Why the Runaway Bride can’t stop running’ DATE : 08/31/2001
Julia Roberts is the Hollywood princess who was meant to live happily ever after – so what went wrong? Michael Shelden explains; ONLY a few months ago, the conventional wisdom in Hollywood was that Julia Roberts had finally grown up. It was said that she no longer bore any trace of the capricious, narcissistic “Tinkerhell”, her nickname on the set of Hook, and was now a wonderfully mature woman of mellow moods and quiet confidence… [full story] (source: Telegraph UK, submitted by JROnline)

‘Eric & Julia Roberts’
Rules of Disorder ‘
DATE : 08/23/2001
The rift between Julia Roberts and brother Eric shows no signs of healing — and won’t if he continues to accuse their mom of physically abusing him. Eric, who claims mom Betty Motes “beat the hell out of me for years,” is a member of NoSpank, a group dedicated to protecting children from abuse… [full story]
(source: New York Daily, submitted by JROnline)

”America’s’ Most Wanted
DATE : 07/20/2001
Julia Roberts tells EW about ‘America’s Sweethearts’ – EW goes behind the scenes of the Hollywood spoof with Roberts, Catherine Zeta-Jones, John Cusack, and Billy Crystal…
[full story] (source: Entertainment Weekly – Cover Story, submitted by JROnline)

‘Julia explains her breakup’ DATE : 07/11/2001
MISS CONGENIALITY Julia Roberts publicly discussed her breakup with boyfriend of four years Benjamin Bratt for the first time last night on ”Late Show with David Letterman.” ”It’s come to a kind and tender-hearted end,” she said of their relationship… [full story]
(source: Entertainment Weekly – Pop Culture report, submitted by JROnline)

George Clooney ‘not to blame’ for Julia’s break-up DATE : 06/30/2001
Julia Roberts and George Clooney have denied their friendship caused the actress to split from boyfriend Benjamin Bratt… [full story] (source: Ananova, submitted by JROnline)

Julia and Ben split up… DATE : 06/28/2001
Another one of Hollywood’s most celebrated relationships has crashed and burned after three and a half years. Both sides say the split was mutual. But Roberts’ friendship with her Ocean’s 11 co-star George Clooney reportedly pulled the relationship apart. [full story] Rumour or plain truth? You decide..   (source:, submitted by Craig P.)

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Julia Roberts refuses to discuss marriage plans DATE : 05/12/2001
Julia Roberts says life is lonely when there is no-one to share it with. The 33-year-old actress told magazine TV Movie that after splitting up with boyfriends, she has always felt “completely devastated”… [full story] (source: Ananova, submitted by JROnline)

‘PEOPLE Magazine – Julia among 50 most beautiful’ DATE : 05/02/2001
For a 6th time now, Julia has been on the list of the 50 most beautiful people, an annual People magazine event/special… See what have to say about Julia here.
(source: People Magazine, submitted by JRO)

Julia, Lizards Face Off at Summer Box Office DATE : 04/18/2001
HOLLYWOOD–Sony is taking a doozy of a gamble.
It has set a new release date for “America’s Sweethearts” — starring Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts — opposite Universal’s “Jurassic Park 3” sequel on July 20… [full story] [related link]
(source: L.A. Times – Calendar Live, submitted by JRO)

Julia on CNN (People in the News)
DATE : 04/18/2001
CNN’s People in the News is airing a profile of Julia Roberts on Saturday, April 21 from 11:30 a.m. – Noon, replaying Sunday, April 22 from 8:30 – 9 p.m. (ET). People in the News, a collaboration between CNN and People Magazine, is a half-hour weekly profile series.

(source: Turner inc. & CNN.COM, submitted by Turner inc.)

‘Crowe, Roberts, Gibson among Blockbuster winners
DATE : 04/11/2001
Julia Roberts and the indie Revolution Studios have teamed up to buy the rights to an unfinished book by Laura Zigman, whose last novel inspired the current Ashley Judd romantic hit “Someone Like You.”… [full story] [Blockbuster Awards 2001]
(source: Yahoo! News, submitted by JROnline)

‘Roberts buys rights to unfinished novel
DATE : 04/09/2001
Julia Roberts and the indie Revolution Studios have teamed up to buy the rights to an unfinished book by Laura Zigman, whose last novel inspired the current Ashley Judd romantic hit “Someone Like You.”… [full story]
(source: JAM!movies, submitted by JROnline)

related link: Yahoo!News – Revolution, Roberts tie up novel

‘Roberts to marry Bratt in summer
DATE : 04/05/2001
JULIA ROBERTS and Benjamin Bratt are engaged and will marry this summer, friends of the Hollywood stars said yesterday… [full story]
(source: The Telegraph (, submitted by JROnline)

‘”The Mexican” Tops March Box Office Siesta
DATE : 04/04/2001
HOLLYWOOD–After a quick start during the first two months of the year, movie box office business slowed its 2000-topping pace in March from a 22 percent lead over the same period last year to just 12 percent ahead.
The March 2-April 1 span banked total box office receipts of $533.6 million, 5 percent off last year’s high of $561 million. The monthly take for March ranks third in a 10-year stretch, just behind 1997’s $540 million… [full story]
(source: LA Times (, submitted by JROnline)

DATE : 03/27/2001
NEWLY MINTED Oscar winner Julia Roberts is set to crash Hollywood’s glass ceiling – and become the first woman to enter the ultra-exclusive $25-million-per-picture club… [full story] (source: New York Post – NYPOSTONLINE.COM, submitted by JROnline)

Julia wins!!!
DATE : 03/26/2001
As many of you already might have heard or seen, Miss
Julia Roberts won the well earned Oscar for Best Actress
last night! We didn’t expect otherwise. More news on
the wonderful Julia will follow real soon… Congratulations Julia & Thank you!!!

  • USA Today Oscars coverage (Audio, Video Media)
    • Mr. Showbiz article
    • reports…
    • LA Times reports… (Audio, Video Media)
    • LA Times : Roberts’ Triumph Affirms Her Role as a Force in Hollywood
    • LA Times : The Big Night, as Julia Might Have Seen It (funny)

*** Oscars ***
DATE : 03/26/2001
Tonight is the big night for Julia and I’m 100% sure she will get the Oscar for Best Actress, but just to be sure, keep your fingers crossed! Below you will find some sites you might want to visit…

  • Official Oscars site –
    • – Julia Roberts info
    • LA Times Oscars site –
    • Oscars site –

More info coming tomorrow. 03/26/2001 3:24:32 AM CET

‘E-Weekly : Power Pack
DATE : 10/20/2000
Julia Roberts and Tom Cruise make EW’s annual Power List. We tell you about Hollywood’s heaviest hitters — plus, what to expect next year.. [read the full story]
(source: Entertainment Weekly, submitted by JROnline)

‘Julia – selected honoree’ DATE : 10/15/2000
NEW YORK (Variety) – Julia Roberts has been selected as honoree for the 16th annual American Museum of the Moving Image Salute, to take place Feb. 28 at the Waldorf-Astoria in Manhattan. The black-tie gala raises funds for the film and television museum’s various exhibitions and programs.
(source:, submitted by JROnline)

Roberts And Cusack Tabbed For Spielberg Film DATE : 10/11/2000
Steven Spielberg has a hot team proposed up for one of his upcoming films – he’s offered lead roles to Julia Roberts and John Cusack. The romantic comedy The Doctor and the Doorman focuses on a female cardiologist and a doorman …
[read the full story] (source:, submitted by JROnline)

Roberts is No. 1 star DATE : 10/10/2000
LOS ANGELES — “Pretty Woman” Julia Roberts ranks as the film industry’s most bankable performer, and “the only woman guaranteed to open a movie on her name alone,” according to the just-published “James Ulmer’s Hollywood Hot List …
[read the full story] (source:, submitted by JROnline)

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Oscar Watch: Erin Brokovich vs.
Dancer in the Dark?
DATE : 10/09/2000
NEW YORK — Julia Roberts vs. Bjork for Best Actress? Don’t laugh, it could happen. The finish line is five months away, but this year’s Oscar derby is starting to emerge as one of the most eclectic in recent years…
[read the full story] (source:, submitted by JROnline)

‘PERFECT’ fit for ROBERTS DATE : 09/25/2000
Revolution Studios has closed a deal with scribe Jon Bokenkamp (“Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows”) to pen “Perfect Strangers,” with Julia Roberts attached to star…
[read the full story] (source:, submitted by JROnline)

Julia: Honoring Bruce DATE : 09/20/2000
Julia Roberts and Bruce Willis will appear together on TV for the presentation this Saturday in Los Angeles of the American Cinematheque Award to Willis by Roberts…
[read the full story] (source: | the daily, submitted by AllRileyedUp)

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09/23/2000 • Bruce Willis / TNT site

Roberts Sweet on Movie Star Comedy DATE : 09/18/2000
NEW YORK (Variety) – Julia Roberts, John Cusack and Billy Crystal are in talks to star in the Revolution Studios comedy ”America’s Sweethearts,” with conversations also ongoing with Catherine Zeta-Jones to play a lead role.[read the full story]
(source:, submitted by JROnline)

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09/18/2000 • ‘Julia Roberts a “Sweetheart”?’ – Yahoo News
09/18/2000 • ‘Roberts, Cusack, Zeta-Jones May Be Sweethearts’ – Mr.Showbiz

Julia signs up for murder mystery DATE : 09/15/2000
Hot off working on the upcoming “The Mexican,” Julia Roberts has signed on to work again with that film’s writer and director, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
[read the full story] (source: JAM! Showbiz, submitted by JROnline)

Erin Brockovich DVD – NEWS DATE : 08/21/2000
Erin Brockovich DVD Reaches New Benchmark as First Movie With Major Female Star to Ship More Than One Million Units. UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif., Aug. 21 /PRNewswire/ — Universal Studios Home Video announced today that the Erin Brockovich DVD has reached the coveted mark of one million units shipped, representing a new breakthrough in the DVD market and drama genre…[read the full story]
[Get your Erin DVD here] (source:, submitted by Carô )

Who missed the Pitt-Aniston party? DATE : 08/01/2000
Where was Julia? That’s what some celeb watchers were wondering about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s wedding…[read the full story]
(source: MSNBC.COM, submitted by JROnline )

08/02/2000 Related Story : Mr.Showbiz : Julia No-shows at Brad Wedding

Julia Roberts Caught Kissing Old Flame DATE : 07/28/2000
Julia Roberts has been caught kissing her former boyfriend Jason Patric while Benjamin Bratt is working in New York Julia spent the day in a Los Angeles park with Patric, who has been dating supermodel Christy Turlington for five years…[read the full story]
(source: IMDB.COM, submitted by JROnline )

Julia Roberts and Bratt — no more? DATE : 07/27/2000
Are Julia Roberts and Benjamin Bratt heading their separate ways? Several Hollywood insiders say that the relationship between the Pretty Woman and the former “Law and Order” heartthrob is on the rocks.
[read the full story]
(source: MSNBC.COM, submitted by Carô )

Julia Roberts Tops Hollywood Hot List DATE : 07/25/2000
Nick at Nite fans know that it’s Mary Tyler Moore who can “turn the world on with her smile,” but the famous grin of Julia Roberts, the Georgia peach who became America’s Pretty Woman, is even more potent, according to veteran industry analyst James Ulmer.
[read the full story]  (source: Mr.ShowBiz, submitted by JRonline )

Web site operator sues Julia Roberts DATE : 06/23/2000
June 16, 2000 Julia Roberts, star of such films as “Notting Hill” and “Pretty Woman,” has been sued by the owner of for her attempts to stop him from operating his Web site…[read the article]  (source: CNET.COM, submitted by JRonline )

Roberts and Gere reteam for Pretty Woman 2? DATE : 06/07/2000
Julia Roberts and Richard Gere have agreed to star in a sequel to 1990’s Pretty Woman syndicated columnist Liz Smith reported today (Tuesday). Garry Marshall, who directed the original film, has also indicated that he would be willing to helm the project. However, Smith observes, a “sticking point” has arisen …[read the article]
(source: IMDB.COM, submitted by JRonline )

Julia Roberts Wins Namesake URL DATE : 05/31/2000
Julia, or should we say Julia’s lawyers won the case about the ownership of ‘’…[read the article] (source: E! Online, submitted by JRonline)

related articles : 1st article from Yahoo, 2nd article from Yahoo,, IMDB News, ZDNet article, NEW: Mr.Showbiz 06/05/2000 – Notting Hill items DATE : 05/31/2000 – the name says it all. AsSeenOnScreen offers items that can be seen in your favorite movie. Want the same sunglasses as Julia in Notting Hill? They’ve got it! [view the Notting Hill page]
(source:, submitted by JRonline)

Donkey Disturbs Julia Roberts DATE : 05/18/2000
Julia Roberts had a hard time sleeping when she arrived for a movie shoot …
[read the article] (source:, submitted by JRonline)

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Julia Roberts is set to produce her first film DATE : 05/18/2000
May 10, 2000 – REEL DEAL Julia Roberts and her production company, Shoelace, purchased an untitled European love story … [read the article]
(source: Entertainment Weekly, submitted by JRonline)

People Magazine: Julia Roberts most beautiful! DATE : 05/17/2000
Julia has been named the most beautiful by People Magazine. She’s on this month’s cover & on People‘s website as well. The online voters put her in 8th rank.(click here for photo & info on the online vote)
[ Julia’s page on]    (source: People.Com, submitted by JRonline)

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Julia Roberts is box-office gold DATE : 04/21/2000
The actress’s latest film passed the $100m mark on Tuesday… [read the article]
(source:, submitted by JRonline)

What puts Julia in $20 million club DATE : 03/17/2000 (paper edition)
When Julia Roberts first charmed Hollywood, moviegoers were captivated by her high-beam smile tousled auburn curls and effervescent personality… [read the article]
(source: USA TODAY, article by Claudia Puig – submitted by JRonline)

Bratt Relieved At Being Free From Roberts’ Fame DATE : 02/25/2002
Hunky actor Benjamin Bratt is a little relieved his relationship with Julia Roberts is over – because he found her fame difficult to handle. Although the pair were madly in love at time, Bratt admits the high pressure on their affair gave him a deep distaste for the trappings of superstardom… [full story]
(source: IMDB.COM, submitted by JROnline)

DAYS’ BREAK DATE : 02/14/2002
Days of our Lives producers had the thrill of their lives when Julia Roberts remarked at an L.A. awards show that she was so excited to be seated in front of the cast of her favorite soap. Julia is such a devoted DOOL fan that she tapes the show when she can’t watch it. It didn’t take long for Days bosses to offer Julia a guest role on an episode at the startling daytime rate of $100,000…[full story]
(source: Star Magazine, submitted by JROnline)

Notable Quotes DATE : 02/08/2002
“You know I’m like a total geek, right? First of all, I sit on the set and knit. It’s a very social hobby, as opposed to reading at work — I can chat with people and still be fully engaged.”…[full story]
(source: Yahoo! News, submitted by JROnline)

Julia Roberts, queen of the ring DATE : 02/07/2002
Is Julia Roberts wearing an engagement ring? The Pretty Woman has been showing off a serious rock that she’s wearing on the ring finger of her left hand, sources say… [full story]
(source: MSNBC, submitted by JROnline)

CINEMA audiences prefer real-life Hollywood babes like Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman to computer-generated bimbos. The company behind Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, starring cyber-babe Aki Ross, has sacked 125 people after the hi-tech movie bombed at the box office… [full story]
(source:, submitted by JROnline)

Bratt’s on a roll DATE : 01/31/2002
WHAT a difference a year makes. At the last Oscars, Julia Roberts and Benjamin Bratt were still madly in love, but they have long parted and Bratt is now enamored of an even more beautiful woman, Talisa Soto, his co-star in the movie “Piñero.”… [full story] (source: NY Post, submitted by JROnline)

Roberts Bad-tempered Performance DATE : 01/28/2002
Despite winning Best Film Actress at this month’s People’s Choice Awards, Julia Roberts was in a irritable mood. According to Britain’s OK! magazine Julia was touchy all night at the glitzy awards bash – deciding that no photographers were allowed to take her picture… [full story]
(source: IMDB.COM, submitted by JROnline)

Julia Roberts’ Choice behavior DATE : 01/15/2002
Julia Roberts — who was so funny and upbeat when she was onstage at the People’s Choice Awards — startled some people at the event with her snappish behind-the-scenes behavior…[full story]
(source: MSNBC.COM, submitted by JROnline)

Pretty woman to adopt pretty baby! DATE : 01/06/2002
MOVE over Calista Flockhart, Diane Keaton and Rosie O’Donnell – and take your diaper bags with you. Julia Roberts is getting ready to join your exclusive mother’s club of single celebs with adopted kids. “She’s tired of waiting for a man to father her kids, so she has decided to go it alone,” a source close to the superstar tells an Australian magazine…[full story] (source: Lycos News, submitted by JROnline)

Most Politically Challenged Of 2001: George & Julia DATE : 01/01/2002
George Clooney and Julia Roberts (among others) made the so-so “Ocean’s Eleven” in 2001. That isn’t all they did. During filming in Las Vegas, Nevada, George and Julia behaved in a manner that led their colleagues to suspect an affair was in progress…[full story] (source:, submitted by JROnline)

Julia Roberts in sequel – ‘Pretty Princess’? DATE : 12/18/2001
Before departing with Julie Andrews for the Japanese premiere of “The Princess Diaries,” director Garry Marshall had time for just one media interview. Inexplicably, he chose to talk to Buzz about today’s video and DVD release of the hit movie… [full story] (source: Atlanta Journal, submitted by JROnline)

Julia Roberts set for nude scene DATE : 12/08/2001
Julia Roberts has been persuaded to do a nude scene in her new movie, according to reports. The actress will go full frontal in Steven Soderbergh’s sequel to sex, lies & videotape…

[full story] (source: Ananova, submitted by JROnline)

‘Flirting Clooney dumped ‘ DATE : 11/09/2001
GEORGE CLOONEY and Renée Zellweger have split up after just two months. George was recently spotted chatting up two exotic dancers in a Los Angeles strip club. His “close friendship” with Julia Roberts also caused problems, too. “He has a really close friendship with Julia after they filmed Oceans Eleven earlier this year.”…
[full story] (source: The Sun, submitted by JROnline)

Julia And Dan Show Their Affection Publicly DATE : 10/16/2001
Julia Roberts and her new beau, cameraman Danny Moder have trashed reports that the recent trouble with his family and ex-wife caused the pair to split. The pair have been openly loving together, deciding to go public with their love…
[full story] (source:, submitted by JROnline)

Julia Roberts says … DATE : 10/13/2001
Julia Roberts says a fan once asked for her autograph while she was sitting on the toilet. She says the fan passed a piece of paper under the toilet door. She says her down-to-earth approach to life has led her into some unusual situations…
[full story] (source: Ananova, submitted by JROnline)

Not a pretty picture for star’s lover
DATE : 09/03/2001
LOVE is running anything but smoothly for Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts. The new man in her life is under police investigation after he allegedly threw bricks at a photographer in Los Angeles yesterday… [full story] (source: NEWS.COM.AU, submitted by JROnline)

‘Man Linked to Roberts Could Be Charged…’ DATE : 08/30/2001
A married man linked romantically to Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts threw bricks and a rock at a free-lance photographer hoping to score a gossipy picture, police said. Los Angeles police said Wednesday they are investigating Daniel Moder, 32, for the possible assault of photographer Francis Leslie Griffin, 51, of Studio City who apparently was hoping to get a picture of the apparent object of Roberts’ affection and his wife…
[full story] (source:, submitted by JROnline)

JULIA Roberts’ lover Danny Moder was comforted at his mother’s funeral yesterday – by his estranged wife. Erin Brockovich star Julia stayed away, leaving Moder’s blonde wife Vera to ease his grief… [full story] (source: The Sun, submitted by JROnline)

THE married cameraman Julia Roberts is reportedly romancing isn’t the first lucky crewman to bag the toothy temptress in recent months. According to a source close to the production of Steven Soderbergh’s “Ocean’s 11,” Roberts had a flagrant fling with a key man on the set… [full story] (source: PageSix, submitted by JROnline)

Julia Roberts Falls For Married Man DATE : 08/24/2001
Movie queen Julia Roberts has stunned Hollywood by running off with a married man. The Pretty Woman (1990) star is said to be having an affair with cameraman Danny Moder, who has dumped his wife VERA… [full story] (source:, submitted by JROnline)

‘Director Herbert Ross Dies at 74 ‘ DATE : 10/10/2001
NEW YORK –– Herbert Ross, a choreographer and director who worked on films including “Funny Girl” with Barbra Streisand and “Steel Magnolias” with Julia Roberts, died Tuesday. He was 74… [full story] (source: Washington Post, submitted by JROnline)

‘Empire Strikes Back in Film Poll’ DATE : 09/23/2001
LONDON (Reuters) – Julia Roberts was named top actress, with Jodie Foster and Sigourney Weaver close behind…
[full story] (source: REUTERS, submitted by JROnline)

‘Pretty Woman Julia Comforts Kate Winslet’ DATE : 09/07/2001
LONDON (Reuters) – Hollywood star Julia Roberts, who split from her long-time love Benjamin Bratt in June, has been comforting British actress Kate Winslet in the aftermath of her marriage breakup, British newspapers reported on Friday…
[full story] (source: REUTERS, submitted by JROnline)

‘Roberts on ‘Fire’ for Soderbergh’ DATE : 09/06/2001
The Oscar-Winning Actress May Reunite With Her Erin Brockovich Director. When superstar Julia Roberts and indie auteur Steven Soderbergh teamed up the first time, it meant a Best Actress Oscar for her and a blockbuster for him. Now, the actress-director duo — who already reteamed on the upcoming Ocean’s 11 — are planning to collaborate on a new film, tentatively titled How to Survive a Hotel Room Fire, columnist Liz Smith reports…
[full story] (source: ABC NEWS, submitted by JROnline)

‘Ocean’s 11 – Poster’ DATE : 08/31/2001
Finally the long awaited poster for “Ocean’s 11” can be viewed online. [full size] (source: IMDB.COM, submitted by JROnline)

‘Julia Roberts’ love life feeding frenzy heats up’ DATE : 08/30/2001
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Los Angeles police said Thursday they were investigating claims that a movie cameraman who tabloids have linked to superstar Julia Roberts threw bricks at a paparazzi photographer.A police spokesman said no one had been arrested or charged in the assault complaint filed by freelance photographer Francis Griffin after an alleged incident Tuesday outside the home of Daniel Moder, 32, in the L.A. suburb of Woodland Hills…
[full story] (source: Yahoo! News, submitted by JROnline)

Film stars join benefit for Paul Newman’s camp DATE : 08/24/2001
Julia Roberts, Matt Damon, and Morgan Freeman are to appear in a benefit for Paul Newman’s camp for children with serious illnesses. The benefit takes place at New York’s Lincoln Centre on November 19… [full story] (source: Ananova, submitted by JROnline)

‘U.S. celebrities seek justice in Haiti’ DATE : 08/22/2001
WASHINGTON — Hollywood luminaries such as Woody Allen, Julia Roberts and Robert Redford and renowned writers including Toni Morrison and Stephen King have lent their names to the cause of a slain Haitian journalist… [full story]
(source: Miami Herald, submitted by JROnline)

‘Monkeys, ‘Mexican’ Spice Up Foreign Box Office’ DATE : 08/19/2001
SYDNEY (Variety) – Primates, pets and two pretty faces led the box office parade in a bunch of markets over the weekend as ”Planet of the Apes” conquered the U.K., “Cats & Dogs” wowed Mexico and “The Mexican,” starring Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts, ruled in Germany, Spain and Austria… [full story] (source: Yahoo! News, submitted by JROnline)

‘`The Mexican’ with frank comments’ DATE : 08/10/2001
The first-time pairing of Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts in last March’s The Mexican didn’t impress audiences or critics the way everyone expected. Among the criticisms leveled at the movie was that the two leads spent most of the movie apart, a la Robert De Niro and Al Pacino in Heat, frustrating those looking for a dose of old-fashioned star power. And the film’s mix of comedy, romance, violence and drama left some viewers confused — especially those expecting a standard-issue Roberts bauble… [full story]
(source: Miami Herald, submitted by JROnline)

‘Latest Hollywood script deals’ DATE : 08/09/2001
HOLLYWOOD (Variety) – Revolution Studios has tapped scribe John Scott Shepherd (“Joe Somebody”) to script an untitled project based on the article by Suzi Parker entitled “Genie in a Bottle: The Sex Drink That’s Rocking Little Rock.” The article centers on “Niagara,” a new wonder drink touted as the female version of Viagra. Though the project was initially picked up with Adam Sandler and Julia Roberts in mind, it’s unclear whether they will star… [full story] (source: Yahoo! News, submitted by JROnline)

‘Julia Roberts Ran Out On Secret Wedding’ DATE : 08/06/2001
Julia Roberts’ cold feet are legendary – but never more so than when she and former fiance Benjamin Bratt attempted to tie the knot. The couple were in Las Vegas in January to be married when Julia suddenly felt she couldn’t go through with the procedure – after both their families had flown in… [full story] (source: IMDB PeopleNews, submitted by JROnline)

‘Director Garry Marshall’s Big Challenge -A ‘G’ Rating’ DATE : 08/06/2001
Not beloved icon Julie Andrews, not “America’s sweetheart” Julia Roberts, not even Queen Elizabeth herself. Here’s Marshall during a recent sit-down with Reuters arranged to promote his new G-rated Disney film, “The Princess Diaries” — another in what is becoming the “Pretty Woman”… [full story] (source: ABC News, submitted by JROnline)

‘Julia Roberts: I Want A Baby’ DATE : 08/01/2001
Newly single Julia Roberts would love to become a mom – but isn’t ready to get married yet. The Oscar-winning actress, who just split from longterm boyfriend Benjamin Bratt, admits that she thinks a lot about having a family of her own… [full story]
(source: IMDB PeopleNews, submitted by JROnline)

Ocean’s 11 – Ain’t it cool? DATE : 07/30/2001
One of the first reviews of Ocean’s Eleven (11) from Harry and Dr. Jeffrey Korchek. Go check it out – Harry from Ain’t it Cool News always knows first… [full story]
(source:, submitted by JROnline – thanks to Peter K.)

‘Why can’t Julia find true love off-screen?
DATE : 07/22/2001
Hollywood script doctors routinely create happy endings for the star’s films.
In the 1991 weeper Dying Young, Roberts played a free-spirited care-giver who falls in love with a man battling cancer. True to its title, the man eventually dies leaving a grief-stricken heroine to mourn. … [full story] (source: JAM! Showbiz, submitted by JROnline)

‘America’s Sweethearts Trailer’ DATE : 05/24/2001
The trailer for ‘America’s Sweethearts’ has been made available, for the QuickTime version click here, Windows Media files are available at (click here).
(source: Ananova, submitted by JROnline)

‘MTV Movie Awards 2001 – Vote for Julia now!’ DATE : 05/11/2001
As you may have heard, Julia has been nominated for MTV’s Movie Awards 2001 (‘Best female performance’ – Erin Brockovich). Do you think she should win? My thought exactly, CLICK HERE TO VOTE for Julia. Voting closes on June 4th, the big show will be on June 7th, don’t miss it!

To read up on MTV’s Movie Awards, other nominees etcetera, click here. Don’t forget to vote for ‘Erin Brockovich’ as well, which was nominated as ‘Best movie’.
(source: MTVi, submitted by JROnline)

Virtual NY – Interview with Julia DATE : 05/01/2001
NEW YORK, May 1, (UPI) — She is a newly minted Oscar winner who earns
about $20 million a picture. She has starred in some of the biggest box
office smashes of the 1990s. And the whole moviegoing world — not just her
gorgeous actor boyfriend Benjamin Bratt — seems to find her irresistible.

As if that weren’t enough, the stunning Julia Roberts recently told
reporters she wasn’t wearing a speck of makeup in some of her recent flicks… [full story/interview] (source: Virtual New York, submitted by JROnline)

Julia Roberts reunited with Brockovich co-star? DATE : 04/25/2001
Julia Roberts could be set to team up with her Erin Brockovich co-star Aaron Eckhart again. Roberts is considering a script prepared by director Gore Verbinski, who worked with her and Brad Pitt in The Mexican… [full story] (source: Ananova, submitted by JROnline)

‘Roberts, Sandler Thirsty for ‘Sex Drink” DATE : 04/19/2001
NEW YORK (Variety) – Julia Roberts and Adam Sandler may join forces on a comedy film revolving around Niagara, a new wonder drink touted as the female version of Viagra. … [full story] [related link : Ananova]   (source: Lycos News – Reuters, submitted by JROnline)

‘Julia Roberts is now among Hollywood’s top draws’ DATE : 04/12/2001
Since her screen debut in the late 80s, Julia Roberts has been among Hollywood’s top draws. Though not always taken seriously as a dramatic actress, Roberts’ on screen charisma has guaranteed her an enviable choice of roles, be they in comedy or drama… [full story]
(source: The Independent, submitted by JROnline)

Julia Roberts gets waxed
DATE : 04/05/2001
Julia? To be stripped of her Oscar? How can this be? But yes, the Hollywood Wax Museum has gotten itself in “dutch” with the academy… [full story]
(source:, submitted by JROnline)

related link : Julia Loses Oscar?! 6 Apr 2001 – E!Online

‘Nationwide Survey Reveals That Julia Roberts Would Look Beautiful, Even Bald!
DATE : 04/02/2001
HOLLYWOOD, Calif., April 2 /PRNewswire/ — According to a nationwide survey conducted for Salon Selectives by National Family Opinion to consumers nationwide, when asked, “Whose ‘do would you die for?,” more than 50% of the respondents said, “Julia Roberts,” and an overwhelming 63% said that Julia’s overall look, especially at the Oscars, is the most inspiring… [full story]
(source: EntertainmentNewsDaily, submitted by JROnline)

‘Julia Roberts’ Smyrna
dentist keeps promise
DATE : 03/27/2001
Twenty-six years before Julia Roberts’ Oscar acceptance speech Sunday night for best actress, Dr. Ted Aspes, her former dentist in Smyrna, made a wager with his small fry patients. If they followed their dreams and snagged an Oscar, a Grammy or a Tony award, a Masters green jacket, a Heisman trophy, a World Series ring, won a national spelling bee or became a Rhodes scholar, he’d give every kid in Smyrna a tube of toothpaste… [full story] (source: AJC.COM, submitted by Janice)

Julia Roberts, best actress? You bet!
DATE : 03/21/2001
Leading up to the opening of the Oscar envelopes on March 25, there are plenty of predictions on who will take home Academy Awards… [full story] (source: CNN.COM – Entertainment, submitted by JROnline)

Julia Roberts in ‘Bewitched’?
DATE : 11/06/2000
Ain’t-it-cool reports… [read the full story]
(source:, submitted by JROnline)

‘Roberts rides into the sunset
DATE : 10/26/2000
Julia Roberts, famous the world over for her horsey laugh, recently got a chance to get up close-and-personal with some real-life horses… [read the full story]
(source: National Post, submitted by JROnline) | Pretty women – JULIA ROBERTS DATE : 10/10/2000
(***AUDIO***) Michael Sragow – a columnist – weighs in on some of Julia Roberts’ lesser-known features. The audioclip is provided in .mp3 and RealAudio.
[visit the site & tune in] (source:, submitted by JROnline)

Julia tops the A-plus list DATE : 10/10/2000
Julia Roberts ranks as the film industry’s most bankable performer, and “the only woman guaranteed to open a movie on her name alone,” according to a just-published guide to Hollywood star power… [read the article]
(source: The Sydney Morning Herald, submitted by JROnline)

‘Julia call rush..’ DATE : 09/27/2000
An article on Julia’s comments about the Republicans… [no comment]
[read the article] (source:, submitted by JROnline)

Pretty Woman 2 – in talks DATE : 09/25/2000
Greg from shares his views on the rumours about a sequel to ‘Pretty Woman’ – Great source, keep an eye on it!
[Pretty Woman 2 infopage] (source:, submitted by JROnline)

Stars Turn Out for Gore Fund-raiser DATE : 09/15/2000
Roberts confessed, “I’m a Democrat, [but] I’ve never done anything political before.”
[full story] (source:, submitted by JROnline)

Agent to join client Julia Roberts in producing films. ICM’s Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas will ankle the tenpercentery to head up production at Revolution Studios’ Gotham offices… [read the article] (source:, submitted by Carolina)

”Brock” rocks video market DATE : 08/23/2000
Julia Roberts and “Erin Brockovich” are winning another one.
[full story]
(source:, submitted by JROnline)

Julia Roberts comes between Jason and Christy DATE : 08/20/2000
Christy Turlington won’t play second fiddle to beauty Julia Roberts. [full story]
(source:, submitted by JROnline)

Watch ‘Erin Brockovich’ online for free DATE : 08/14/2000
You can now watch the first 10 minutes of Erin Brockovich for free here.
(source:, submitted by CandiGrrl)

Ocean’s 11 NEWS DATE : 08/05/2000
The participation of Brad Pitt in ‘Oceans Eleven’ was confirmed this week… note: the news is in portuguese, to read the article, please click on the link below and use AltaVista Babelfish (select ‘portuguese>english’ and click on ‘submit’.
[read the full story in ENGLISH] [PORTUGUESE]
(source:, submitted by Carô )

Julia Boots Ben?
DATE : 08/01/2000
Has Julia Roberts — who’s been known to love ’em and leave ’em before — dumped beau Benjamin Bratt? Click here to read the full story…

(source: – submitted by JROnline)

Julia Roberts Takes Movie Role for $20.- DATE : 06/26/2000
Hollywood superstar Julia Roberts has agreed to appear in her next movie for just $20 – after she was tricked by George Clooney. The former E.R. star was desperate to get…[read the full story]  (source: IMDB.COM – submitted by CandiGrrl)

Will Julia Roberts win an Academy Award? DATE : 06/22/2000
Entertainment Weekly says she’s got a shot — plus, who else might be gunning for the gold.[read the full story]  (source: Entertainment Weekly – submitted by JROnline)

Ocean’s 11 fansite DATE : 06/20/2000
Check out this unofficial Ocean’s 11 website – it has all the news, rumours etcetera listed. [view the site]  (source: n/a – submitted by JROnline)

E! Online : Willis Churning Up “Ocean”? DATE : 05/25/2000
Hoping to live up to the spirit of the original by casting as much A-list talent as it can get, Warner Bros. is reportedly in talks with Bruce Willis and Oscar winner Michael Douglas [read the article]  (source: E! Online – submitted by Deb Gramlich)

Willis, Douglas to Dip Into Ocean’s? DATE : 05/25/2000
George Clooney, Julia Roberts, and Brad Pitt are already attached to the Steven Soderbergh-helmed crime flick, and now they may have to make room for two more big names…
[read the article] (source: Mr.Showbiz – submitted by JROnline)

related links : – Ocean’s crew info, Ocean’s 11 Music

First photo from ‘The Mexican’ DATE : 05/19/2000
PRNewswire has listed the first photo from the filming of ‘The Mexican’. Click here to view it, along with some information…
[read the article]
(source: PR Newswire – submitted by JROnline)

Julia Roberts In Car Accident In Mexico DATE : 05/18/2000
JULIA ROBERTS had a dangerous brush with disaster when her a tire on her four-by-four sports car exploded on a Mexican road…
[read the article]
(source: IMDB.COM – submitted by Francois Raymond)
comments: Don’t worry – Julia is doing fine. Thanks for the info Frank 🙂

More news on ‘The Mexican’ DATE : 04/18/2000
LOS ANGELES, April 19 /PRNewswire/ — Principal photography began on Monday, April 17, 2000 on DreamWorks Pictures’ and Newmarket Group’s
action-comedy “The Mexican,” under the direction of Gore Verbinski…
[read the article]
(source: PR Newswire – submitted by ________)

Engagement rules out Roberts at B.O. DATE : 04/10/2000
Moviegoers exchanged one courtroom drama for another at the the nation’s theaters this weekend, finding in favor of Rules of Engagement after awarding three straight No. 1 finishes to the Julia Roberts vehicle Erin Brockovich… [read the article]
(source: Mr.Showbiz – submitted by JRonline)

Brockovich Trounces Competition Again DATE : 04/03/2000
Four new entries at the box office couldn’t knock Julia Roberts off the top of the box office charts. Erin Brockovich, which stars Roberts as a real-life legal crusader, fell off 42 percent from last weekend, but its $14.2 million take was enough to best the competition…[read the article]
(source: Mr.Showbiz – submitted by JRonline)

Roberts, Finney make a good case in ‘Erin’ DATE : March 2000
Great review on Erin Brockovich from USA Today.[read the review]
(source: USA TODAY – submitted by JRonline)

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