Julia Roberts Online Selection of 10 Romantic Comedies

A smile to fall, a laugh that makes you want to love and talent actress who is more established. This week in News About Julia Roberts when she  celebrated her 50 years birthday, and we decided to revisit her romantic career through 10 films of love in which she beautiful played.

“Mystic Pizza” – 1988

In this movie, Julia Roberts plays one of her first roles, that of Daisy, a young woman who is bored in her small town of American campaign. Fortunately for her, she is well surrounded by his sister and their best friend. The film is a small friendly Chronicle that deserves to take the time to look.

“Pretty woman” – 1990

Here’s the movie that burst Julia Roberts on the big day. A derisory budget for a box office success worldwide that has propelled the young actress on the front of the stage, while reinvigorating the romantic kind. According to legend, many well-known actresses have declined the role of Vivian, this prostitute who meets and falls in love with a rich man. Too bad for her, well done Julia.

“My best friend’s wedding” – 1997

It takes a few years to see Julia Roberts returned to the domain of the romantic comedy after the “Pretty Woman.” She does with this touching and funny film in which she plays a young woman whose best friend (whom she loves in secret) tells him that he is getting married. Twenty years after its release, “my best friend’s wedding” remains a great value of the kind.

“Stroke of lightning in Notting Hill” – 1999

When we thought she couldn’t become a still greater romantic movie star, Julia Roberts decided to play in “maid in Notting Hill,” one of the jewels of the English romantic comedy. In the role of Anna Scott, an American movie star, she seduces Hugh Grant and our little hearts. Instant classic.

“Just married (or almost)”-1999

Ten years after Julia Roberts starred in Pretty Woman, Hollywood thought it would be nice to meet Richard Gere and Julia Roberts for another romantic comedy unconnected with the original. Here, Julia embodies a young woman whose specialty is to flee her marriage ceremony, what plot a journalist come to do an article on it. I don’t really like this movie, a little too long.

“Couple of stars” – 2001

With a strong cast (Billy Crystal, John Cusack, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Julia Roberts), this pretty cynical comedy about the world of Hollywood still reserves Julia a chance to shine to make vibrate our little romantic rope. Anecdotal but still satisfying.

“Closer, between consenting adults” – 2005

Maybe the film less funky and the more cerebral of the list, “Closer” brings together a cast of exception around Julia Roberts with Jude Law, Natalie Portman and Clive Owens in a chasse-cruises of couples and feelings, suitable a piece of theatre.

‘Valentine’s day’ – 2010

After a little break and movies more serious, Julia Roberts returns the camera to Garry Marshall for a choral romantic comedy around Valentine. His segment and the small role that goes with it remains nice, and we’re glad to find her in a successful romantic comedy (if so, nah).

“Eat, pray, love”-2010

Starting at the end of the world to meet, this is the program of “eat, pray, love,” adapted from the book of the same name. Julia takes advantage of this trip to fire his guy and meet others while finding an inner fullness.

“It’s never too late” – 2011

One of Julia Robert’s recent movies, this is a couple that we still wonder how they could not play together in a romantic comedy in the 1990s. But wait also did them good as “it’s never too late” is a great comedy romantic, funny and endearing, who puts in a good mood.

“Ocean 11” – 2011

Big hit movie filled with long A-List Holywood cast starring Brad Pit, George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Matt Damon, Andy Garcia, Don Cheadle, Bernie Mac and Elliot Gould. The movie is about a gang of thieves that want to rob three Las Vegas casinos simultaneously. Julia Robert plays the girlfriend of the casino owner and is fantastic as always. Fun fact: the cast did gamble while shooting the movie but in the off-hours. They played blackjack and supposedly Brad Pit was the big winner. Did you know that there is also an online Vegas casino? You don’t have to go to Las Vegas now to enjoy gambling. With the Grande Vegas online casino which you can find here, you can play any game you want from the comfort of your home. And the best part, you can get big online bonuses that will give you free money. On top of that, these casinos are equally adapted for sports betting – hockey mainly, and give promotional free hockey picks and no deposit bonuses ranging from $100 to $1,000.

7 of Julia Roberts’ Best Movies

Julia Roberts is one of the most successful actresses in America and she has acted in many films which gives her title the successful actress in the United States. All her films are so nice and give delight to the viewers. Here Julia Roberts Fan Site presents a list of top 7 movies of Julia Roberts.

What are the top 7 movies of Julia Roberts?

Julia Roberts is one of the successful actresses in America and she acted as a wonderful role in a lot of films. All her films are well directed and the performance of the Julia Roberts won a lot of claps and good reviews from the critics. Nothing would make happier most of her fans who also enjoy playing online casino games than seeing her in an inspiring casino movie. Casino movies are always exciting to watch, presenting the luxurious gambling world and prove that sometimes the risk and consistent hard work are worth the reward. If you are ready to meet the thrill of playing online casino games for real money, have a peek here and learn what exactly is the concept of playing them.

  1. Sleeping with the Enemy:

sleepingIn 1991, Julia Roberts acted as an indulged wife of a wealthy husband. But, it’s not real. After some time, we learn mislead between the wife and husband. She trickily escapes from her husband and counterfeits her death. After that, she changed her appearance totally and entering into the new world to live a new life. Unexpectedly, her husband knows about her that she is alive and finds her with some clue.

Julia Roberts looked good after changing her identity in this film sleeping with the enemy.

  1. Pretty Woman:

Pretty woman is Julia Roberts’s most wonderful film in her lifetime and she acted in this film as a hooker in the year 1990. Without a doubt, this film gives her a chance to act as the unforgettable romantic role and this is the film she Julia Riberts received her 2nd Oscar nomination for her wonderful performance in pretty woman. Every woman would like to be Julia Roberts after watching this wonderful film “Pretty woman” because the role and performance of Julia Roberts are quite pretty.

  1. Closer:

closerCloser is also the best film of the actress Julia Roberts and in this film, she played a wonderful role in delighting the viewers. This film was released in the year 2004. Closer is a sexy collection drama and this film is fully loaded with marvelous performances. Julia Roberts’s performance was very nice in this love and lust film.

  1. Erin Brockovich:

Erin Brockovich is one of the best films of Julia Roberts and this film was released in the year 2000 and this film made her to won an Academy Award for the first time. This film is such a wonderful story which gives her success in their life.

  1. Something to talk about:

In this film, Julia Roberts starred with the Dennis Quad to give a wonderful performance to the viewers. This film “something to talk about” is not such a wonderful film of Julia Roberts, but it is also one of the best films of her which also makes the fans of Julia Roberts to feel happy. This film was released in the year 1995.

  1. My Best Friend’s wedding:

This is another great film of Julia Roberts and this film was initially released in the year 1997. The role of Julia Roberts in this film was quite awesome and it is must watch this wonderful film for Julia Roberts’s awesome performance.

  1. Notting Hill:

notting-hillNotting Hill is also one of the successful films of Julia Roberts. Julia Roberts along with Hugh Grant played a wonderful performance to super hit the movie “Notting Hill” and this film also earned 3 golden globe nominations for her wonderful performance with Hugh Grant. It’s initial release in the year 1999. This film “Notting Hill” has grossed 363 million dollars during its release. This is also one of the nice movies of Julia Roberts. Everyone must watch this wonderful film “Notting Hill” for her outstanding performance in this film.

There are alot of her good movies that we didn’t mention here, like Ocean’s Eleven and Twelve that is packed with superstars. Movies are based on dazzling casino heists, and she is spectacular in them. While we talk about casinos, visit Best10canadiansites.com to get free casino bonuses which will allow you to try your luck on real money games without risking your own money. With that said, we hope you liked our picks. These movies are must-see for anyone that is a fan of Julia Roberts or just a fan of good movies in general.

6 Memorable Movie Moments of Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts has acted in many films and her wonderful performance in her first film makes her sign more films in the following years. In her lifetime, she acted in many different films to delight the viewers and in her first film “Mystic Pizza”; she creates a path for her in the media world. After that, she gained more good reviews from the critics for her performance in the wonderful film “Mystic Pizza”.

Salary History of Julia Roberts:

Her salary has grossed more than $25,000,000 after her film Mona Lisa Smile in the year 2003. Her salary package is gradually increased from her first film to her latest movie “Money Monster”. All her films were loved by all for Julia Roberts’s wonderful role and romantic performance.

6 Unforgettable moments of Julia Roberts of her film:

In her lifetime, she has acted more than 16 films and all her films make her achieve success in her path. She looked as a pretty woman in almost all her films and she attracted the viewers because of her awesome look and wonderful performance. Over the past years, she has stolen all her fan’s hearts by her wonderful performance in many films. To celebrate her success, we rewind her most successful and lovely moments in her movie.

  1. Getting marriage proposal:

Julia Roberts is on getting the marriage proposals proposed by a hot man and that moment was amazing when she was proposed by a hot man in a bed.


  1. Julia Roberts Laugh in Pretty Woman:

The next most memorable moment of Julia Roberts is that when she revealed her most attractive and real-life laugh in an unprepared scene in the most wonderful movie “Pretty Woman” of her. Pretty woman is such a wonderful film to watch with our lovable one. This film is a great delight for all her fans. This film makes every woman to live like Julia Roberts.

  1. Her proposal to her best friend in “My best friend’s wedding”:

The third most unforgettable moment of Julia Roberts is that they make in her wonderful film “My best friend’s wedding”. The most memorable moment that she was making of her film is that she is in love with her best friend and proposing her love to her best friend on his wedding day. This is such a wonderful performance that she make in her film to delight the viewers.

  1. Julia Roberts Speech in Notting Hill:

Notting Hill is also one of the best films of Julia Roberts. In this film, her performance was quite pretty and also she delivered an infamous speech on the topic “I am also just a girl”. The speech that she gave in her film has stolen our hearts and makes us watch the film again and again for her speech.

  1. Pampered wife in Sleeping with the Enemy:

Sleeping with the Enemy is one of the best films in her lifetime and in this film she played a role as a pampered wife to a wealthy husband and her role make us enjoy till the end of the film. This is a film that everyone must watch in their lifetime.

  1. Her wonderful performance in Mirror, Mirror:

Her film Mirror, Mirror makes her achieve success in her lifetime and her role and wonderful performance of Julia Roberts in this film make viewers laugh babyishly. This film also got mixed reviews from the critics for her amazing performance.

All her films were wonderful to watch and Julia Roberts’s films and roles in her films make viewers enjoy more and more.Mirror, Mirror is the latest Holywood adaptation of the Brothers’ Grim story Snow White. Disney also produced one of the most famous animated films, drawing inspiration from the German folk tale that both children and adults enjoy to this day. Online casino video game developers have hundreds of movie and cartoon-themed slots that you can try out cost-free for a chance to win big real money rewards by playing games featuring famous on-screen characters.

Happy 49th Birthday to Julia Roberts!


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A Short Review about Money Monster

Money Monster is a 2016 American English-language thriller film which was directed by a well-known director Jodie Foster and the film was written by a group of three members (Jim Kouf, Jamie Linden, and Alan Di Fiore). It stars George Clooney in lead roles and Julia Roberts, Giancarlo Esposito, Caitriona Balfe, and Dominic West.

Money monster is the latest movie of Julia Roberts and she played a major role in this thriller film and this film was initially released in the year 2016 on May 13 by Sony pictures Entertainment.

Role of Julia Roberts in the Money Monster:

money-monsterThe plot of this thriller film is quite different and in this film Julia Roberts appeared as a director in the name of Patty Fenn. She is having the responsibility to help Lee Gates (television financial expert). The plot revolves around Lee gates (George Clooney) and Kyle Bidwell (Jack O’Connell).

Kyle invests his money in IBIS and got angry after he lost his entire savings. Owing to his loss in investments, he tried to prison Lee Gates. At that time Lee gates would make a call to Walt Camby (CEO of IBIS) to resolve the problem happened in the IBIS. Unfortunately, he had gone for a business trip.

There is no way to get relief from Kyle so he planned to ask help to Julia Roberts (Patty Fenn). With the help of Julia Roberts, he tried to cool Kyle. Unexpectedly, Kyle is not satisfied. After some time, Julia Roberts and Money Monster team tried to find the truth.

Click here for more Julia Roberts Films List.

Money Monster – A successful film to Julia Roberts:

The film “Money monster” makes her gain the name “the most successful actress in America”.

Running time of this film is around 98 minutes and the soundtrack was composed by Dominic Lewis. Before its release in the United States, it was released in Cannes on May 12, 2016.

Money Monster is such as nice crime story which is full of awesome movements and the cinematography was done by Matthew Libatique.  The makeup of Julia Roberts in this film is quite awesome which gives a great delight to all her fans. We must watch this film at least for Julia Roberts. Her performance in this film is awesome and it is loved by all.

Money Monster – Grossed over $93.3 million:

Money monster is the latest movie of the American Actress “Julia Roberts”. This is also one of the best films that she had in her lifetime. This is the film which makes her to feel happy and to earn more than several dollars. The role of Julia Roberts in the film “Money Monster” is simply superb and she got mixed reviews for her outstanding role in this film. Due to her outstanding performance with other stars in this film, it has grossed over $93.3 million against the estimated budget. Due to this, the whole team of the Money Monster film felt happy.

Reviews about the Money Monster:

This film has crossed over 41 million dollars in North America in opposition to its budget 27 million dollars. Besides, this film got both positive and negative reviews from the reviewers. The average rating of this thriller film is 5.9 out of 10.

And, it also gets a rating of 58% from the Rotten Tomatoes. Totally, this is a nice thriller film to watch in our leisure time. All the casts in the Money monster acted very well. Especially, Julia Roberts gave a stunning performance in this movie. It is a great movie to watch with our family and it got a normal grade of B+.


Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman

Julia Roberts is one of the most successful actresses in the United States. She has acted in several films in many roles. All her roles in her film give viewers joy while watching her movie and after finishing off her movie. She started to act in the films at her young age and her first film gives her turning point to have a good successful life in the following years.

After completing her first two films in the years 1988 and 1989, she started to act in a wonderful movie to give joy to all her viewers. This article is about her most wonderful film Pretty woman.

Romantic Julia Roberts:

pretty-womanPretty Woman is Julia Roberts’s third movie and in this movie, her role is quite different. Without any doubt, she played a romantic role in this movie and for her awesome performance in this film; she got a second Oscar nomination.

This film creates a path to Julia Roberts to lead her future life. After seeing the wonderful performance of Julia Roberts in this film, each and every woman would like to be Julia Roberts. Pretty woman is one of the most romantic and comedy film till now.

At the time of its initial release, this film got mixed reviews from the critics and it also got a good rating from the rotten tomatoes.

The film “Pretty Woman” has grossed 463.4 million USD against it’s estimated budget.

A few lines about Julia Roberts “Pretty Woman”:

Pretty woman is an American film which was initially released in the year 1990. This is an excellent romantic comedy film which is directed by Garry Marshall and the film was written by J. F. Lawton. It stars Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in lead roles and both the Laura San Giacomo and Jason Alexander played in supporting roles.

Along with the Richard Gere, Julia Roberts reveals her wonderful performance in this whole movie. Pretty Woman earned positive reviews for Julia Roberts wonderful performance and also she time-honored a Golden Globe Award for his awesome performance which she makes in this film pretty woman.

The plot revolves around a wealthy entrepreneur who likes to hire a prostitute to go along with him to all his social events. While he was with her, unexpectedly he falls in love with the pretty lady. After he falls in love with her, the film seems wonderful.

This film received many awards including Golden Globe Award for Best Actress, Kid’s choice Award for favorite movie actress, people’s choice award for the favorite comedic movie and so on.

Besides, Julia Roberts’s makeup and appearance have stolen the hearts of viewers.

Reviews from the critics:

This is one of the wonderful films of Julia Roberts and in this film she played a romantic role to super hit the movie “Pretty Woman”. This film was initially released in the year 1990 on March 23. Later on in the year 1990, this film was released in France on November 28. This film “Pretty Woman” is such a wonderful film to watch with our beloved ones.

For this film, Julia Roberts won the best actress award and the film’s soundtrack was composed by James Newton Howard. The song “Oh, Pretty Woman” gets more claps from the viewers and still, people love to hear this wonderful song for its music.  This wonderful romantic comedy film received mixed reviews after its initial release.

Definitely, the film “Pretty Woman” gives more delight to the viewers. If you like to watch a most wonderful romantic comedy film, then it is best to watch the wonderful film “Pretty Woman” by Garry Marshall.