Julia Roberts has acted in many films and her wonderful performance in her first film makes her sign more films in the following years. In her lifetime, she acted in many different films to delight the viewers and in her first film “Mystic Pizza”; she creates a path for her in the media world. After that, she gained more good reviews from the critics for her performance in the wonderful film “Mystic Pizza”.

Salary History of Julia Roberts:

Her salary has grossed more than $25,000,000 after her film Mona Lisa Smile in the year 2003. Her salary package is gradually increased from her first film to her latest movie “Money Monster”. All her films were loved by all for Julia Roberts’s wonderful role and romantic performance.

6 Unforgettable moments of Julia Roberts of her film:

In her lifetime, she has acted more than 16 films and all her films make her achieve success in her path. She looked as a pretty woman in almost all her films and she attracted the viewers because of her awesome look and wonderful performance. Over the past years, she has stolen all her fan’s hearts by her wonderful performance in many films. To celebrate her success, we rewind her most successful and lovely moments in her movie.

  1. Getting marriage proposal:

Julia Roberts is on getting the marriage proposals proposed by a hot man and that moment was amazing when she was proposed by a hot man in a bed.


  1. Julia Roberts Laugh in Pretty Woman:

The next most memorable moment of Julia Roberts is that when she revealed her most attractive and real-life laugh in an unprepared scene in the most wonderful movie “Pretty Woman” of her. Pretty woman is such a wonderful film to watch with our lovable one. This film is a great delight for all her fans. This film makes every woman to live like Julia Roberts.

  1. Her proposal to her best friend in “My best friend’s wedding”:

The third most unforgettable moment of Julia Roberts is that they make in her wonderful film “My best friend’s wedding”. The most memorable moment that she was making of her film is that she is in love with her best friend and proposing her love to her best friend on his wedding day. This is such a wonderful performance that she make in her film to delight the viewers.

  1. Julia Roberts Speech in Notting Hill:

Notting Hill is also one of the best films of Julia Roberts. In this film, her performance was quite pretty and also she delivered an infamous speech on the topic “I am also just a girl”. The speech that she gave in her film has stolen our hearts and makes us watch the film again and again for her speech.

  1. Pampered wife in Sleeping with the Enemy:

Sleeping with the Enemy is one of the best films in her lifetime and in this film she played a role as a pampered wife to a wealthy husband and her role make us enjoy till the end of the film. This is a film that everyone must watch in their lifetime.

  1. Her wonderful performance in Mirror, Mirror:

Her film Mirror, Mirror makes her achieve success in her lifetime and her role and wonderful performance of Julia Roberts in this film make viewers laugh babyishly. This film also got mixed reviews from the critics for her amazing performance.

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