Julia Roberts nominationsJulia Roberts is such a bold and pretty woman and she is one of the most successful actresses in the United States. She started her career in the year 1988 and after her first film; she started to act in a wide range of films in so many fantastic roles. For her wonderful performance in her films, she received so many awards and nominations. This article fully describes the list of awards and nominations received by the most successful actress (Julia Roberts) in America.

Julia Roberts – An Actress and producer:

Let me start with the introduction of Julia Roberts. Julia Roberts is a pretty woman and she is a successful actress and also a producer in America for several years. Over the past few years, she has stolen all our hearts with her wonderful performance in her movie. Within a few years, she learned to manage her films and started to earn more than $25,000,000 after her first film “Mystic Pizza”.

Awards and nominations received by Julia Roberts:

Julia Roberts in one of the most successful actresses in America and she is an owner of many awards and nominations. All those awards and nominations received by her were full of her acting in her films. She is the one who got many awards and nominations right through her career in acting.

Here is a list of awards received by Julia Roberts for her film acting. They are as follows,

  1. In the year 1990 and 1991:

In the year 1990, she received Golden globe award for best supporting roles in Steel Magnolias and she also received a Golden Globe Award for best Actress in the year 1991 after she played a romantic role in the film “Pretty woman”. Besides, she also won Kid’s choice award for Favorite movie actress for her wonderful film “Pretty woman”.

  1. People’s choice award received by Julia Roberts:

After her acting in the film “Hook”, she received a wonderful award named “people’s choice award for favorite comedic movie actress.

In the same year, she also awarded people’s choice award for favorite dramatic movie actress for her movies “The pelican brief and Dying Young”.

  1. Blockbuster entertainment Award:

For her wonderful movie “Conspiracy Theory” which was released in the year 1998, she received a wonderful blockbuster entertainment award.

  1. The year 2000:

She has received plenty of awards in the year 2000 for her movie Erin Brockovich. The awards she received for her movie Erin Brockovich includes are as follows,

  • Teen Choice Award for choice Movie Actress
  • National Board of Review Award for Best Actress
  • Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award for Best Actress
  • London Film Critics’ Circle Award for Actress of the Year

After that, she got Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Actress for her movie Erin Brockovich in the year 2001.

Recently in the year 2011, she received American Society of Cinematographers Board of the Governors Award.

Reviews about Julia Roberts:

Julia Roberts is a well-known film actress and television producer in America and she produced many films and while acting in films, her role gives joy to all her fans. She is an award-winning actress in America. She has received a lot of positive reviews from the critics for her wonderful acting in all her films. Particularly, she won a Golden Globe Awards for her romantic comedy film “Pretty Woman”.

She is a wonderful woman and her acting also quite superb. Every Julia Roberts fan would definitely watch all her movies and one thing you should know about her is she won lots of awards for her wonderful performance in her films.